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【 セブンナイツ(Seven Knights)の特徴 】

① 新感覚!リアルタイムターン制バトル!

② ド派手なスキル!

③ 大迫力のレイドバトル!

④ 進化でキャラクターをパワーアップ

⑤ チームに合わせた陣形を選択しよう!

⑥ 個性豊かなキャラクター達が織り成す壮大なストーリー!
「浪川 大輔」「佐藤 利奈」「三木 眞一郎」「関智一」「松本梨香」「勝生真紗子」

Features of Seven Knights (Seven Knights)]

① new sense! Real-time turn-based battle!
Each character is action in real time, respectively.
Skills will Tsukaiwakeyo strategically consider the order of the action because it is activated in the turn-based.

② flashy skills!
Character skills to use cool, cute, such as a variety!
Compelling in a more beautiful graphics!

③ of great power raid Battle!
A little bit different flashy graphics and the usual battle, raid battle that combines such as powerful.
Topple the ultra-powerful monster in cooperation with your friends.

Power up the character in the ④ evolution
Grown character can be reborn to a more powerful character by the evolution.
Furthermore ★ 4 start of characters possible evolution to all ★ 6!

⑤ attempt to select a formation tailored to the team!
Increase in attack power and defense force by the formation,
Since there are various benefits such as hardly targeted by the position of the character,
To suit your team to select the appropriate formation, trying to strategically expand the battle!

⑥ distinctive characters have a magnificent story that weaves!
“Namikawa Daisuke” “Rina Sato”, “Shinichiro Miki”, “Tomokazu Seki” “Rika Matsumoto,” “Kachisei Masako”
“Satomi Arai,” “Kentaro Ito,” “Tomoyuki Morikawa” and participation is gorgeous voice actors!

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