三国GO – 横向RPG三国手游 4.0.0 APK MOD

三国GO – 横向RPG三国手游 4.0.0 APK MOD

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【真人语音 搞笑剧情对话】
《三国GO》采用了全新的 Unity3D 引擎制作,让游戏画面看起来非常细腻。各种炫酷的技能大招让整个战场变得异常激烈,火花四射,非常过瘾!而且游戏中的剧情对话都有配音,玩家可以更好地去观看剧情,也更容易了解人物性格,增强了代入感。

– 游戏容易上手,优美画面,一个好的策略性三国游戏。
– 三国粉丝 很喜欢你们三国游戏的风格,动漫可爱有趣。
– 真实三国武将带来的刺激战斗快感,想起了那些年的热血青春。

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The game features:
Three lateral RPG hand tour;
Point play, so you go beyond Ming, wisdom to do strategic military advisor to save troubled times;
Dual fighting skills, makes you break through the limit superior martial arts;
Gossip Stonehenge, the hero trials, the best place for quick money-making.

Guan Yu Yan Yue Dragon [cut], [Riboud fairest], [Zhao] blast Thunder who the big move more handsome?

[Row traditional three stance]
As a strategy of competitive hand travel card, select the card lineup occupies a significant role. Conventional stance three rows, human shields, and the auxiliary output are indispensable. Mix and match skills with the use of generals, each with the formation of numerous combinations.

[Unparalleled flurry]
Generals unique unparalleled technology, cool and smooth Pa screen a large move, to overthrow the traditional card tedious.

[Meng] will become the expression package
Q version of the character image of the three body, various historical figures completely subvert the image of the past, stuttering stay Meng Zhang Fei, Zhuge Liang unlettered, and other unexpected three generals. They spoke fluent modern language, dialogue is very interesting ancient white mixed, making the game very pleasant atmosphere.

[Live voice conversation funny story]
“Three GO” with a new production Unity3D engine, the game screen looks very delicate. All kinds of cool skills to make the big move throughout the battlefield has become fierce, Sparks, very fun! And the story has a dubbing dialogue in the game, players can go to watch the story better, and easier to understand the character, enhancing the sense of substitution.

[Players] Evaluation
– game easy to use, beautiful pictures, a good strategic three games.
– Three fans really like the style of your three games, anime pretty interesting.
– real stimulus to bring the three generals fighting pleasure, remembering the blood youth of those years.

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1. 军衔
2. 群雄争霸
3. 提升武将资质
4. 神器试炼扩展
5. 养成功能 (加全体属性)

1. 神.袁绍 (前排输出,后排克星)
2. 神.文丑 (后排输出,人头收割)
3. 神·祝融 (中排刺客,淬毒秒杀)
4. 神。曹丕 (光环英雄)
5. 神.马云禄 (全场免伤,暴走武神)
6. 神.庞统 (控场减怒,愈战愈勇)

1. 统一图标,替换掉老的大小不一的图标
2. 针对4:3界面优化
3. 试炼之塔的元宝刷新没有加入到每日消费里面
4. 冲穴开放神朱雀、神玄武
5. 试炼之塔开启扫荡功能
6. 角色等级扩充至150级
7. 战场乱斗里面的功能增加一个状态标签
8. 神龙相关道具增加掉落指引
9. 精英对决和试炼之塔加入新加的武将袁绍、文丑、祝融
10. 优化神龙界面体验
11. 跨服战斗中加入军衔养成材料掉落

Game / App Information of 三国GO - 横向RPG三国手游

App Name 三国GO - 横向RPG三国手游
Package Name com.youkia.sanguogo.ig
Version 4.0.0
Rating ( 1249 )
Size 45.9 MB
Requirement Android 3.0+
Updated 2018-09-19
Installs 50,000+
Category Action, Games


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