無雙亂斬-慶週年登入送神將 1.0.26 APK MOD

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無雙亂斬-慶週年登入送神將  – 《雙型態-連斬超神》


《國戰起一統江山 》
“Double Type – Lien Super God”
Use melee weapons to take the head of the millions of troops, such as the sac. It is also possible to bend the bow to shoot the sun and compete in the Central Plains. In the ever-changing battle, whether it is waiting for an opportunity to set up or to be filled with indignation when the anger is filled, the main lord can wear a hundred steps and sink into the stone. Take advantage of the different genre weapons to grasp the fleeting moments. Lian Yu, Hundreds of People, Thousands of People… The unparalleled mowing pleasure will awaken your inner wild!

“Three to Three – Team Athletics”
Soldiers, pay attention to the time and place. According to the different military commanders, recruiting and buying a horse to build a military force of their own. Select melee players as [former army]; team commander must not only have extraordinary force, but also have extraordinary wisdom, such players command the main force to serve as [the army]; and good at remote output and have a large number of auxiliary healing system Players are more suitable as a [back army] responsible for cover and alert tasks.

“The National War has dominated the country”
During the Three Kingdoms period, the mutual influence of the various vassal forces of the various parties, the forces of Wei, Sui and Wu, annexed the other princes and gradually became stronger. In the chaos of the game, where will he join the dispute in this world? What choices will you make? Growing up in the war, can you achieve a hegemony on the battlefield? Become a troubled world to fight the Quartet or calm the war.



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