熱血鬥戰 – 兄弟一起闖蕩江湖 2.0.0 APK MOD

June 14, 2019 0 By pakadmin

熱血鬥戰 – 兄弟一起闖蕩江湖  – 《鬥戰江湖》是頂尖團隊製作的國風MMO手游。年度武俠精品!姻緣系統,跨服PK,幫會戰,讓俠侶譜寫唯美江湖人生!槍,刀,弓,環4大職業,數十種變異坐騎,百套羽翼,時裝盡顯時尚。神兵變身玩法,打造充滿奇趣的江湖之旅!正邪轉職雙線成長,自創武功獨步江湖!名劍出世,攜手摯友共赴一場熱血江湖!
“Fighting the Rivers and Lakes” is a national wind MMO mobile game produced by the top team. Annual martial arts boutique! Marriage system, cross-service PK, gang fight, let the heroes compose beautiful rivers and lakes life! Guns, knives, bows, rings, 4 major occupations, dozens of variant mounts, 100 sets of wings, fashion is full of fashion. The gods turned into play and created a journey full of fun! True and evil transfer to double-line growth, homemade martial arts alone! The famous sword was born and joined hands with friends to go to a bloody river!



Android 4.2+