55 Shogi APK MOD

June 14, 2019 0 By pakadmin

55 Shogi  – AI is not very good, but I think that you can enjoy enough if you are a beginner in Shogi. You can also play with other people, so please try and enjoy Shogi’s various changes.

• The movement of the piece is the same as shogi.
• It is possible to promote the piece to the first row and the fifth row. However, in the case of arrangement including Keima, it becomes the second row and the fourth row.
• After stopping, you can resume by changing levels and players.
• Stopping “nifu” and “utifudume”. When the same aspect appears 4 times, the game is over with “sennitite”.
• You can not hit a piece without a move (drop Keima in the second row, fu on the first row).
• When AI fights each other, the evaluation value of the aspect is displayed. With 0 as the base, it is expressed as a positive number in the case of the first player advantage and a negative number in the case of the second player advantage.
Several bugs fixed.


Android 4.4+