BarbarQ 1.0.1511 APK MOD

Play against other savages online! Join the battle now!
BarbarQ is a brand new real-time multi-player pixel art style io game. Now come to build a perfect team with your friends to beat other savages in the arena!
Eat mushroom to grow and loot others to get stronger. Beat your opponents to earn the highest score. Fight till the last second and win the battle!

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[Game Features]:
1. Innovative&addictive gameplay
2. Simple game control with joystick
3. Pixel art game design
4. Beat opponents with strategies and teamwork
5. Competitive mode with ladder system
[New Contents]
1. New pets: Pogo Zombie(A-class), Jelly Babe(B-class)
2. Growth Quest: It helps you get familiar with the game step by step.
3. Monthly Card: More than 10 privileges are increased for Monthly Card owners!
4. Time-limit Deal: An exclusive giftpack of 1000% super value is available for purchase

1. Gold House: More pets are available in Gold House.
2. Video Record Function: You can save the video of battle after the battle ends.
3. Avatar Frame: Avatar frames are coming!

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