Castle Magic Run 1.0 APK MOD

Castle Magic Run 1.0 APK MOD

Castle Magic Run is an endless runner game. Run through the castle, its dungeons, the magic jungle and the gold temple in an endless rush with the knight and the castle archer. Run at full speed through the temple and its dungeon, discover the magic of the jungle and collect the gold of the castle with the runner of the game.

Be careful to profane the secret tomb of the temple and wake up their mummies, do not stop running until you hunt. Look carefully and choose your way to break the castle. Quickly escape from the fire pits of the temple and save the princess in the jungle.

Collect all the gold coins to improve your soldier and diamonds you find to survive, Be careful that when running the gold do not fall … Will help you to buy secret spells to fight and improve the power of your warrior.

Your mission is to save your life and find the way out to rescue the king, find it and run everything you can to escape the castle and around the hidden temple. Use your warrior force to dodge, jump and be the fastest runner of medieval times.

A new game runner to live the experience of traveling to the past in the time of dragons and princesses of middle age.


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