Dangerous Dave 0025/05.07.2018 APK MOD

It is an old dos game, published in 1990. It is a simple game, but in some respects very tricky one, in which you must jump over “only” ten levels. The objective of each level is to get a cup and go through the door, and along the way you can collect a bounty of items with different points. After the first two rounds would hardly anyone would saw what the game is leading to. From peaceful bouncing on platforms, the game suddenly becomes nerve-wracking overcome pitfalls, where each mistake means death.

Save the game whenever you want and continue from where you left even if you are out of lives. This capability will provide you to finish the overall game!
Relative joystick with two modes is added. You may need to practice a bit.
Keyboard upgraded.
Regaining “load save star” duration decreased to 60 sec.
Rewarded ads added.


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