Epic Paper Mario 0.1.51

Epic Paper Mario 0.1.51


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Epic Paper Mario 0.1.51

Epic Paper Mario

Epic Paper Mario is very good and interesting game, simply you can play with game controller and keyboard support.

Something strange in the Kingdom of Mushrooms! Some things are not the same when the captain has lost the Bone Rattle Ruins. He will found a hidden valuable things like gold, money etc which is buried in mud. Now strange monsters appeared and they destroy the peace of kingdom. The main character Mario not able to control the crisis alone. Toadzen and Toadner are old friends and they decide to control the crisis of kingdom and create a well organized soldier team known as Funguerros. With the help of team and Toadzen and Toadner they solved the issues and saved it again the Kingdom of Mushrooms? Whatever happens, it will be Epic Paper Mario!

This game will continue the tradition of having turn-based battles. However, there will be enemies that can be defeated on the field without going into battle. This allows for a better balance to be struck between the RPG and platformer mechanics.

In this game the tradition of having battle continuesly. Without having the fight against enemies can be easily defeated.

It’s Better With Badges! -Badges can augment a character’s abilities, teach them new skills, or give certain boosts. Unlike Paper Mario and Starlite Worlds, there are no “partner” badges. Instead, every character can equip any badge other than the ones that teach unique skills.

This is good sign with Badges! and Badges will increase the abilities of a characters, Badges will teach them new technique and skills.

Overall the game is awesome, unique characters will join Mario’s team, and after joining the team every character will help and struggle to increase team morale and progress.

Frost Core will gave permission to Mario to transform into Frost Mario. This gives him permission to access to upcoming moves in war. Outside of war you can use run on water and double jump extension. You also can change the Mario’s clothes, clothes option are available in the game. overall this game is awesome and unique effects, interesting levels, hurdle and characters.

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  • Easily controllable
  • War / Battle game
  • Unique Characters
  • Able to Change avatar of Mario
  • Kingdom of Mushrooms
  • Awesome screen effects
  • Interesting and easy to use
  • Its Free

Editor’s Suggestion:-

When you press Z button you get the”Um” screen.

Author of this PC game is ICU Gigasoft, 94 MB size available of Epic Paper Mario Game, This is latest version of game which is 0.1.51, License is Freeware that’s requires windows 10/8/7/vista/xp.

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