eScanAV AntiVirus Toolkit

eScanAV AntiVirus Toolkit 14.0.270

EScanAV AntiVirus Toolkit 14.0.270

eScanAV AntiVirus Toolkit

If your computer is infected with different viruses and you are really upset and want to remove malware or viruses quickly so you need to download and install the eScanAV AntiVirus Toolkit antivirus protection software that is freely available from following links.

When you will install this software you need to run it on safe mode because it is portable. By using you can extract more than 100 files to the temp folder of Windows.

After installation of software you need to get updation after updation you can scan any folder, files, usb or hard drives, there is many option is available of cleaning of pc, you can scan your complete computer or scan any folder or partition, it will depend on your choice. Finally, you can view scanning activity to look for unwanted items with eScanAV’s own ViewTCP. It will shows both connections of active and established. With the default scanning option, it will scanned small VMware partition within just two minutes.

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Features of eScanAV AntiVirus Toolkit:-

  • More sophisticated
  • Catch and kick out malware
  • Keep protect your pc from different viruses
  • Provide online security from hackers
  • Portable
  • Block websites and effected files from internet
  • Fully support escanav antivirus toolkit with thumb drive or dvd
  • Shows “virus list” that you can view or generate available
  • Have saved or view the log file option
  • Quickly scan
  • Scan and kick out spyware, viruses, adware or malware
  • Target the area or potential problem it will depend on you
  • Speed up scanning
  • Optionally scan memory & service, registry, folders, selective drives or even a particular folder and or sub directories.
  • Updated regularly
  • Most subtle for your computer
  • Ad-supported on freeware
  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Available for free

Author of this Application / Software is MicroWorld Technologies Inc. size of the software is 194.6 MB, This is latest version of software / application which is 14.0.270, License is Freeware that’s requires Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP, Android.

Download For PC@Link 1

Download For Android Mobile@Link 2


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