Free Toy Adventure Story – Jungle Rush 1.2 APK MOD

June 14, 2019 0 By pakadmin

Free Toy Adventure Story – Jungle Rush  – The adventure of the toys begins again. The game and the characters you have been waiting for are already there. Woody and friends continue adventure in the forest. They got lost in a dark forest. They forest and also the abandoned subway. Buz and Jessie also helped in this adventure. There is also a were trapped and captured by Indians. This adventure runs endlessly through the railroad tracks in the world of puzzle games that they have to go through.

They have to go through many obstacles and obstacles from wild animals such as crocodiles, kingkong, and tigers. Earn as many points as possible and you have to stick to the highscore.

How to play :
– Swipe right and left to avoid obstacles
– Scroll up to jump
– Swipe down to roll over
– Press the screen twice to hit the enemy
– Watch out for the enemy that runs towards you

Collect each coin to buy more characters. Not only exciting, this game makes always curious in every obstacle. This game can be played by anyone, and you can play it in your spare time. Happy playing and thank you.

======== GAME FEATURE ========
– 100% Free Gameplay
– Excellent HD Graphics
– Play Free Run games.
– Offline Run Games
– Platform 3D
– Easy to control
– Do not fall off the subway ground.
– Endless Runner with great graphics and fun animations.
– Game for kids.
Woody has been fixed



Android 4.1+