Hiphop runner 3D – Endless racing arcade 1.0.1 APK MOD

“Hiphop Runner 3D is one of the most addictive running games in which you need to control your run man to fit in the hole. There is a hole in the wall on your racing road that you have to tap on the character to change his posture so that it can fit shapes on the wall.
In the list of hot 3D games, Hiphop Runner 3D combines 3D run and 3D race to make a funny but adventure run race with the unexpected obstacles such as color blocks, animals racing, ninja runner and other interesting challenges that you need to be so vigilant to pass through.
The race, of course, will not interesting without challenges.
You can choose “VS” to find friends for racing or choose “ME” to challenge yourself in the non stop running with our deathly run games. Remember to:
– Twist to change the racing line and tap to change the posture in order to choose the right one with a hole on the wall.
– Jumping to avoid or hit the obstacles on the road.
– Estimate the right time to fit in the hole or you will hit the wall and end game.
– Collects points to exchange more funny characters and join the online races.
– Challenge others to get the fastest runner rewards.
Let’s enjoy the endless 3D running game with Hiphop Runner 3D!”
Minor bugs fixed.

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