MU Strongest – WEBZEN Officially Authorized 1.0.9 APK MOD

Blockbuster Mobile game of 2019 – 16 years legend rebirths
MU Strongest is based on Norse mythology with stunning graphic, ready for players to prove themselves in unique characters system through a variety of gears.
The return of the devil Kundun and his side will harm the city you’ve been to, Lorencia, Noria, Davias. Red dragon dress, legend dress, guardian dress, and many spectacular wings are ready for you to join an exciting adventure. Let take it today!

1. Inherit the authentic Webzen’s MU.
2. Dual class training – Get the most out of your characters.
– 6 choices of classes: Swordsman, Magical Swordsman, Archer, Demon Hunter, Mage, Elementalist
– Be flexible to get the most out of your character.
3. A diversity of dungeons – Boss hunt all day long
– Iconic dungeons: Blood Castle, Devil Square, Stadium
– Hourly world boss system, rare materials and gears grinding with world boss and others dungeon.
4. Be the conqueror with enhanced wings and extraordinary mounts.
– Stunning graphic with unique wings system
– Mounts system with multiple skins for the suit of your personality
5. PvP 101 vs 101 – Cross-server events.
– Highly competitive PvP event: Chaos Castle, Prison Island, Roland City Battle 101 vs 101, Slay Dragon and many more for individuals, parties, and guilds.
– PvP anywhere, anytime.
6. Microtransaction – Everyone is equal
– Trading items on the market
– Boss drops auctions, with items only available in the auction.
Fix some bug

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