Planet Impact 2 1.1 APK MOD

A recreation and extension of my previous game “Planet Impact”

Whats new:

– A brand new level editor to create you own levels.
– A place to share play and rate user created levels.
– Improved AI.
– Improved controls.
– Complete redesign of previous game.

you can no longer just spam attack your enemies. You have to wait until your planet is full to attack most efficiently because the more population your planet has the faster the population grows. This might be hard to understand at first.

If this game gets any attention I will be sure to add multiplayer game and a ton of new level packs.

I know that most of people don’t read to the end of the description but if you do and have some ideas or want to help with this game feel free to reach out on twitter:
Complete support for offline play.
Editor improvements.
No advertisements in galaxy mode if you have any existing purchases.


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