Sacred Spell : Tower Fortress 1.0.3 APK MOD

Your hero must create a tactic to defend from enemies invation.

An addictive gameplay from an action-strategy genre ( Tower Defense ), a game is designed as a “Rough-like” to attack and defending a tower from enemies, so you as a player should defend your tower and protect your self to save your life from invaders


So here you will play two characters at the same time, each hero will have different skills, each character must be defending a wave of a group of invaders, if your character leader is dead or no more towers left you lose, and if the enemies have already desteroyed you win the game, so a tactic and strategy should be a key to play this game


~play game offline / online

~there are 18 items, a common until legendary to upgrade your heroes’s stat, you can buy them at shop.

~There are 33 skills and 16 buffs / debuffs are owned by heroes, towers and enemies.

~There are over 50 different enemies who will attack your towers with their own abilities

~Each hero has an inventory you can store all of your items there

~Each enemy has its own difficulty from A to S, where an S level is the most hardest.

~Each Enemy has a unique stat and skill.

~Each Enemy will attack a tower in a party, each a party has leader or boss.

Android system webview need to be turned on ( it is turned on by default, ver 5.0 ~ above) or update to gain a good performance.
GUI and patch updated

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