SCP: Breach 2D 1.9 APK MOD

SCP: Breach 2D 2.6f2 APK MOD

-Can you be able to survive, or maybe escape from a dangerous SCP complex!
-This is a 2D game, in the SCP Foundation universe, there are many dangerous SCP objects waiting for you that will prevent you from escaping.
-You have complete freedom of action. The only barriers on your way are different SCPs and access cards (without which you can not just run away)
* The game is translated into 2 languages;
* The game shows many points of the lor of the SCP universe;
* at the moment the game has:
| SCP-173;
| SCP-106;
| SCP-966;
| SCP-714;
| SCP-096.
-Also in the game you can meet the guards, who can also prevent you.

Have a good game!
-Fixed SCP-173 (no longer teleports through doors)
-Fixed Tesla gates;
-Added SCP-049;
-Improved SCP-106;
-Added the variability of the ending;
-Fixed many seams on wall textures;
-Improved dynamic lighting;
-Image of minor bugs.

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