Snakes and Ladders Deluxe 1.0.13 APK MOD

★ Snakes and Ladders Deluxe ★

It is the classic game of Snakes and Ladders with simple game rules.
To win ; all you have to do to win is to roll the dice and get to your destination !

◆ Easy and interesting play
– We made it by remaking Classic ‘Snakes and Ladders’ board game.
– Anyone can enjoy because it is such a simple game.
– Anyone can manipulate this game rule.

◆ Two players are available
– One mobile phone can be played with two players.

◆ Multiplayer Game
– It is possible to compete with other players on the internet.

◆ Don’t worry about Wifi
– You can play a game without running out of Data on off line.

◆ Low capacity Game
– 20M game, Feel free to Download it.

◆ A game optimization of android and google
– It is able to use in cellphone and Tablet Pc and we provide leader board and an achievement through a goole paly game.

〔matters that require attention〕

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please understand that we will try our best to have a short advertisement to minimize inconvenience.

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