Spacelog 2.30 APK MOD

SpaceLog is a great game to kill time. The game is currently in alpha mode and it is still being developed, it will help us a lot if you leave your feedback and preferences about the game and what changes we need to make.

The game is enhanced with amazing graphics and lots of challenges.

Some credits reserved.

Music piece “Power” was written by Chris Daniel (session).

Special thanks to Chris for amazing sounds.His work can be found at:

MortyckGaming does not the rights for the song called “Hard Beat”. All rights go to Deftyyy.G

MortyckGaming does not take any responsibility for any damages occurred to your device during and after installation. Downloading this app is your own responsibility. There is no data collected with this app.

Privacy Policy can be found at :
Notifications when you need to be back !
Lots of Bug fixes !
New Shop Starting to rise.
Now the game loads before starting. Performance purposes.
New ship controls implementations. Now the ship can move freely all over the screen.
New Controls added. Now the players can use on screen Joystick to play the game.
Bug fixed with the fuel charging system.

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