The Ladder of Evil 1.0.5 APK MOD

Win the terror by climbing a mysterious staircase.

The Ladder of Evil find a way up the dark stairs of an old building where 30 years ago hundreds of people died in a fire. Get ready to listen to scary noises and crap for some mysterious presences.

The focus here is not on action, but test your resistance to claustrophobic environments. Turn up the volume on your headphones, leave the room dark and start climbing the stairs of The Ladder of Evil.

On your way to find the exit, there appear eyes shining in the darkness, shadows that cross in front of you, the breath of someone close to you … The pressure and the mystery increase with each step.
Changing the player position, adjusting the material, setting the name of the start button, improvements in mouse movement, a loading screen was added before entering the game, some dirt was added to the scene and another 3 floors removed. adverts. We made a change in the menu layout

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