ゴエティアクロス 3.5.7 APK MOD

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■ ストーリー
そこは、神に滅びを定められた世界。 あなたは魔導師として堕天使たちとともに、天からの遣い「天魔」と戦う運命にある。 物語は読み進めると4つの枝<ルート>に分かれ、それぞれの物語を紡ぐ。 この4つの枝<ルート>の中に神に抗う術を見出せるものはあるのだろうか――

■ ワールド

■ キャラクター
『ゴエティアクロス』ではキャラクターの一部に、Live2D®の実装に加え、 ボイスを追加!

配置とキャラクターの育成が鍵となる総勢12名のバトルデッキで戦闘開始!  キャラクターの武器種によって戦略性を発揮するバトルを体感せよ。



相沢舞 、大和田仁美 、祖山桃子、竹本英史 、長久友紀、藤井ゆきよ、元吉有希子、山根綺 (五十音順)
■ What is Goetia Cross
“Goetia Cross” is the story of a magician who stood up to save the world set in a world devastated by the battle with God and devastated.
Implement voice and Live2D® and enjoy multiplayer battle with unique character.

■ Story
There is a world that was destroyed by God. As a magician, you are destined to fight against the temple “Tenma” from heaven with fallen angels. As you read the story, it branches into four branches , spinning each story. Is there anything that can find a technique against God in these four branches –

■ World
As you advance the story, symbols are added to the map. You can turn around the world freely as a magician and challenge quests that occur in various places!

■ Character
“Goetia Cross” adds a voice to part of the character, in addition to the implementation of Live2D®!
Let’s go see the characters that move on the screen.

■ Battle system
The battle is started with 12 battle decks of key players who are key to the arrangement and character development! Experience the battle that demonstrates strategy by the weapon type of the character.
In the raid battle, let’s challenge the other enemy in cooperation with other players! In case
Also, we plan to hold an evolved interpersonal game, “Magic Battle”, where players’ true abilities are tested. Let’s fight a warm fight with guardians who have the power of other players with all your strength.

■ Game System (Various Training Elements)
The training of characters is up to you!
Skill change is free and skill learning is possible, and a lot of breeding elements are prepared, such as gifts gifted to the character and love affection increases. Foster your strongest character with your deep training system!

■ Bazaar system
In Bazaar, you can buy and sell items freely with other players. Let’s take advantage of bazaars and foster character development advantageously!

■ luxury voice actors who color stories
Mai Aizawa, Hitomi Owada, Momoko Soshi, Hidefumi Takemoto, Yuki Nagaku, Yukiyoshi Fujii, Yukiko Motokoshi, Kimi Yamane (in alphabetical order)
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