ドリフトスピリッツ 6.3.0 APK MOD

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Kimero! The fastest drift! ! Welcome to the world of “drift spirits”!
To victory in the drift battle that unfolds in a one-to-one, Ore grabs the fastest of the title!

• Basic play free of drift battle game appearance!
• The simple operation of the touch screen, anyone drifting with a powerful enjoy!
Incandescent anytime, anywhere Battle! Your smartphone is changed to pass!
Corner is brilliant clear in the drift! In the straight ey exploding nitro power!
· Popular models of domestic and foreign car manufacturers appeared a large number!
Mounted in a car-parts synthetic & strengthening to! Power up to the strongest specifications!
– the color and the wing can be selected car by to grade up! It looks Kimero to cool!
Battle BGM to inflame the euphoria of the newly written of that ancient Yuzo Mr.! Volume also Raise!

■ The main game mode
Story Battle
To defeat the driver of legend called the “emperor”,
A number of go-getter driver who confronting each area kick Chirase!

· VS Battle
Other player data and the one-to-one negligence battle!
Sprinkle kick a rival, Seize the fastest of the title!

– day of the week by Battle
To win the battle that has been prepared for each day of the week,
Trying to get the parts and coins that can enhance the car!

– Brands Battle
The battle that has been prepared for each manufacturer,
The manufacturer of the car overlook!

· Fastest legend rankings
Aim for the TOP in the total ranking score acquired in the battle!

In addition to this, plans such as new features and the addition of new models in a future version up! Please look forward to continue to accelerate evolution “Dorisupi”! !

[Operating environment, and other inquiries]

※ This app, please use always in the operating environment described in the above link. It should be noted that, even in the case of use in the operating environment, due to factors of your usage and model of the specific customer, you may be the app is not working properly.

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