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ミラージュ・メモリアル  –

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キャスティングの一部紹介   ※敬称略

3 、Live 2Dを搭載した美少女たちとドキドキの交流
契約を交わして仲間にしたミラージュを「看板娘」に設定すると、会話したり、タッチして反応を楽しんだり、いろいろな交流ができます。全てのミラージュに2D Liveを搭載!コロコロかわる表情やリアクションでミラージュとの交流がもっと楽しく!


5 、全国の仲間と繋がる、多彩なフレンドシステム




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Purity 100% beautiful girl ONLY collecting breeding adventure RPG appeared
Master, we’re waiting here!
Break the world of falsehood together!

◆ ◆ Features of the game ◆ ◆
1, all the great people and gods from all over the world become beautiful girls
Legends, myths and historical characters from all over the world appear as over 60 beautiful girls (Mirage). From Athena of elder sister character, to Lori girl Cleopatra, feminized emperor, dog ear hades! Be sure to find one person is your favorite Mirage!
Mirage have their own three special skills (Active, Passive, Special Moves), and even take part in the battle with a large number of mercenaries. Weapons, armor, armor, shoes, necklaces, rings … 6 gear to strengthen your Mirage!

2, the story that the colorful voice actors color
Featuring gorgeous voice actors’ voices to color brilliant and cute battles! Watch with your eyes, listen with your ears, and the fun of the game doubles!
Partial introduction of casting ※ Title abbreviation
Ai Kanno, Kana Hanazawa, Aya Sakura, Atsushi Kaburagi, Rie Kugimiya

3 Interactions of Prettys and Pounding with Live 2D
If you set a Mirage that you have made a contract to be a friend, you can talk, touch it, enjoy a reaction, and interact in a variety of ways. All Mirage with 2D Live! The interaction with the Mirage is more fun with the expressions and reactions that change the texture!
In addition, the Mirage star ranks up to the highest rank, the episode dedicated to Mirage is cancelled.

4, easy-to-use incandescent battle
We adopt new battle style to overturn common sense of traditional turn-based card battle!
A variety of character positions (tanks, assassins, supporters, mage, heels, controllers, roschers, etc.), and so on, and various deck organization elements that were not likely to turn card battle and differentiation so far!
Zero distance starting from simultaneous attack, a battle to unfold at 5v5, a battle situation that changes with the timing of one special move! A sense of tension and exhilaration that I have never tasted before.

5 、 Various friend systems connected with friends all over the country
Anytime through the friend system! anywhere! I am connected with my friends all over the country. Send strength to each other and share the fun of the game!
At the end of a busy day, go out to the spa with friends and get tired of the day and get various gifts!
Create a guild with friends, clear guild missions, boost power, and aim to win the server!

【App price】
App body: free
※ Item charge system

◆ ◇ Recommended operating environment ◆ ◇
Mobile terminal equipped with Android 5.1.1 or higher
Required capacity: 2G or more
※ Due to the performance of some terminals, the operation of the reel may be delayed or the sound may be delayed. In addition, due to lack of memory, there is a possibility that the operation of the app becomes unstable. In that case, please restart the app after quitting other apps once, or restart the model itself, and try again.

◆ 注意 Attention ◆ ◇
It takes some time to update or update resources. We recommend updating in a stable communication environment such as Wi-Fi.

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Android 4.1+