ミリオンモンスター リアルタイム対戦RPG Mod 1.0.28 APK MOD


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RPG 1.0.27 APK MOD

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[Game description]

Raise monsters and play against players from all over the country!
Fight countless monsters, become friends, and grow together!
Competitive RPG “Million Monster” full of replay elements

[Game features]

◆ A lot of unique monsters!
-The world of “Million Monsters” is full of unique monsters such as charming slimes, squid dragons, cute fairies and bewitching spirits!
-Collect materials in quests and battles to grow monsters!
・ Party formation with yourself and 5 monsters! Let’s make “Millimon’s strongest party”!

◆ Create your own player character!
・ You can freely change your avatar’s hairstyle and facial expressions!
-It is also possible to maintain the status and change the appearance equipment!
・ Let’s go on an adventure with your favorite look!

◆ Enjoy alone or with everyone!
・ The more you fight, the higher your level will be for yourself and your monsters!
・ Play against other players in the arena! Win with your own “strongest party”!
・ Form a guild with your friends! Aim for luxurious rewards in co-op play!

◆ Cooperative play! [10 vs 10] guild battle!
・ An incandescent guild battle that takes place in real time!
・ Let’s collaborate with friends in chat and match the timing!
・ Aim for luxurious rewards by cooperating with your friends!

◆ Equipped with auto battle function!
-No troublesome operation!
-Easy-to-operate command battle!
・ Easy automatic battle is possible with the auto function ♪

Let’s explore the world of “Million Monsters” together!


Android 6.0+