三国大戦スマッシュ! 1.7.0 APK MOD

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三国志のキャラクターでバトル!爽快ひっぱり大戦アクションゲーム! 操作はカンタン!ひっぱって当てるだけ! 雑兵をなぎ倒し敵武将を撃破!


▼操作はカンタン!ひっぱって当てるだけ! 雑兵をなぎ倒し敵武将を撃破しよう!
▼ド派手な必殺技で大ダメージ! 各武将によって様々な必殺技が! さらに武将と装備の組み合わせで超必殺技「乱舞」が発動!
▼武将を「強化」・「覚醒」で育成! 自分の好きな武将を極限まで成長させよう!
▼全国のプレイヤーと白熱のリアルタイム対戦(PVP) リアルタイム通信対戦で最強の舞台が決まる! 全国のプレイヤーと互いの武将をぶつけ合え!





※Android 9.0での動作について、現在確認中となります。
確認が完了するまでAndroid 9.0へのアップデートをお控えくださいますよう、お願い申し上げます。

Battle with the characters of Sangokushi! Refreshing retreat battle action game! Easy operation! Just hit it and hit it! Defeat men and defeat enemy warlords!
Todome activates with a combination of warlords and equipments Let’s kill enemy warlords with flashy !

[Recommended for people like this! 】
◯ I love Sangokushi!
◯ I like the brave Three Kingdoms’ characters!
◯ I like the crispy game!
◯ I also want RPG (role playing) action elements!
◯ I like puzzle sense games!
◯ I want to play an action game with exhilaration!
◯ Pinball game is good!

【Game introduction】
▼ operation is easy! Just hit it and hit it! Defeat men and defeat enemy warlords!
▼ Do big damage with flashy deathblows! Various mortal work is done by each warlord! In addition, the combination of warlords and equipments triggers a super move “Ranbu”!
▼ Foster military generals with “strengthen” and “awakening”! Let’s grow your favorite warlords to the limit!
▼ Real Time Battle (PVP) with the players nationwide Real time communication The strongest stage is decided in the competition! Battle players across the country with each other’s warlords!

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App body: free
※ There are some charged items.

【Recommended terminal】
Android 4.0 or later
* Some terminals are also unsupported even for Android 4.0+ terminals.
Please understand kindly that we can not provide support, compensation etc. outside recommended terminal.

※ Some games may not work smoothly depending on some environment and terminal usage situation.
It may be improved by exiting the application, turning off the terminal, clearing the cache, etc.

※ About operation on Android 9.0, it is currently being confirmed.
Please refrain from updating to Android 9.0 until confirmation is completed.

* Before using, please be sure to check the terms of use from “Other” in the application.