城堡爭霸 – 陣營守護神 1.5.7 APK MOD

城堡爭霸 – 陣營守護神 1.9.2 APK MOD

September 12, 2020 0 By pakadmin

●●● 城堡爭霸5週年,精彩仍在延續!●●●


✔ 英雄時裝強化,讓您的英雄兼具美貌與實力!
✔ 多樣化的城鎮升級規劃路線,將你的城鎮打造成不破堡壘!
✔ 極簡的操作,絢麗而強大的魔法,在你的指尖凝聚,為你摧毀一切阻礙。
✔ 招募各具超凡能力的英雄,經過戰鬥的磨礪,他們將為你建立不朽功勳。
✔ 戰爭來去,軍人長存,戰鬥中未陣亡的士兵將光榮回歸領土。
✔ 在競技場中與其他玩家的英雄一分高下,爭奪最強霸主的稱號。
★ 全新魂器系統,使你的英雄擁有強大的戰力。
★ 多樣的皮膚和時裝系統,帶來豐富的視覺體驗。
★ 爭奪聖火、搶佔據點、聯盟爭霸只為獲得無上榮耀。
★ 和好友揪團組隊,團結協作共同挑戰多人副本。
★ 同仇敵愾,全服合作一同抗擊湮滅將軍來襲。
★ 開啟萌寵紀元。在細心的培養下,它們將在戰場上一展風采。
★ 最強王者對決中一決勝負,檢驗英雄搭配能力。

●●● Castle hegemony 5th anniversary, wonderful still continues! ●●●

Magnificent epic masterpiece, full of strategy and fun online strategy game! Castle hegemony will fast-paced war demonstrated most vividly, fully reproduce the two armies fighting magnificent scene. You will play a lord, to lead soldiers under the command of heroes and conquer other lords to grow their own strength, and with your legendary heroes, led by powerful magic, to conquer enemy towns. Established his own magnificent empire, the ultimate success immortal Albert, write your gorgeous chapter!

The game features:
✔ strengthen hero fashion, let your hero both beauty and strength!
✔ diverse urban planning upgrade path, you will not break the fortress town playing!
✔ minimalist operation, brilliant and powerful magic, gather at your fingertips, you destroy all obstacles.
✔ recruit heroes, each with extraordinary ability, honed through fighting, they will give you establish immortal feats.
✔ wars come and go, soldiers forever, not killed in combat soldiers will return to glory territory.
✔ with other players in the arena of a hero to compete, to compete for the title of most dominant.
★ new soul system, so that your hero has a strong fighting force.
★ variety of skin and the fashion system, brings a rich visual experience.
★ contention torch, to seize the stronghold, the Union hegemony only to get the supreme glory.
★ delegations and friends pulling team, unity, cooperation and common challenges more than a copy.
★ united in the fight against annihilation full-service cooperative with general strikes.
★ open Meng Chong era. Under the careful cultivation, they will show their presence on the battlefield.
★ King strongest showdown showdown, with the ability to test hero.
note! This game requires internet connection.

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1. 新增英雄陣營系統。
2. 新增陣營副本-远古试炼。
3. 新增24小時免費天賦刷新功能。
4. 英雄命運功能新增區域地圖。
5. 新增一種新天賦、銘牌和晶石。
6. 新增兩個英雄時裝。
7. 新英雄—寒冰術士

1. 原聖器功能取消。
2. 鬼眼修羅技能名稱調整為“赤刃斬”。
3. 修復特殊情況下,無法消耗寶石進行雙倍資源找回的問題。
4. Google帳號切換界面調整。
5. 英雄祭壇英雄槽位上限提升1個。
6. 道具屋容量上限提升10個。