天下取りクロスワード|かわいい猫が下剋上!無料脳トレパズルゲーム 1.0.2 APK MOD

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天下取りクロスワード|かわいい猫が下剋上!無料脳トレパズルゲーム  – 【圧倒的ボリューム!】問題数は全部無料で660問。

■ 天下取りクロスワードの遊び方



3. 言葉は黒いマスか端にぶつかるまで入ります。1マスにつきカタカナ1文字が入ります。



■ 天下取りクロスワードの特徴







■ 豊富な問題難易度


■ 簡単な操作性


■ こんな人におすすめです
[Overwhelming volume! ] The total number of questions is 660.

■ How to play Tatemono Crossword

1. Tap an empty space to display a hint.

2. Follow the hints and type the words that match the letters one by one on the keyboard.

3. Enter the words until you hit the black square or the edge. There is one katakana character for each square.

4. Lowercase letters “tsu” are treated as uppercase letters “tsu”.

5 Complete all squares and if there is no mistake, it is a stage clear.

■ Features of Tachidori Crossword

・ 660 questions in total
Enjoy all the crossword issues for free and grow your cat even more. Complete coverage from simple to challenging problems! Even beginners can enjoy it from zero. Moreover, the development team will continue to create and add new issues one after another!

・ A new sensation-building crossword in which the cat grows when you clear the game
The cat grows when you clear the crossword. It’s more than just solving crosswords.

At first, go up from a beggar with nothing and challenge how far you can grow.

・ Daily mission
By completing missions that are updated every number of days, you can promote the game efficiently.

・ Detailed function settings
You can finely set familiar functions such as mistake check, automatic enlargement, automatic transition, voice, black square display, character size, and color in puzzle games.

・ Ranking
It’s fun to solve silently by yourself, but you can also compete in ranking with other users.

■ A variety of problem difficulty levels

There are various problems for crosswords, from simple ones that anyone can solve to difficult ones.

■ Easy operation

The operation is easy.
Anyone from children to adults can enjoy crossword operation without hesitation.

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Android 4.1+