聖闘士星矢 シャイニングソルジャーズ 1.9.0 APK MOD

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聖闘士星矢 シャイニングソルジャーズ  – スマホゲーム史上最高クオリティの聖闘士星矢体験がそこに!






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Experience the highest quality Saint Seiya smartphone game history!
Aim for the world’s strongest fighter in “Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers”!

■ Hot battle with users all over the world!
The battle system of “Saint Seiya SSS” adopts a one-on-one command selection type battle. By making full use of attribute compatibility and various skills, you can enjoy highly strategic battles!
The special technique “Seven Senses Arts” that can be activated by accumulating microcosms will cause massive damage to your opponent, along with a flashy production like Saint Seiya!
Furthermore, “Saint Seiya SSS” has achieved the first global battle against Saint Seiya. Fight users from all over the world and aim for the top of the warriors!

■ That scene revives!
The “Space Battle Record” mode, where you can relive the story, can be challenged from any edition. In the scenario part, you can see the interaction between characters and the famous scenes of animation!
The characters in the battle are voiced by gorgeous voice actors. Great songs such as “Pegasus Fantasy” are also used for BGM, so you can feel the world view of Saint Seiya more.

■ Reproduce the character with overwhelming 3D model expression!
The 3D model of “Saint Seiya SSS” is an overwhelmingly high quality that exceeds the 3D expression on conventional smartphones!
Beautifully reproduces the metallic and glossy feel of “Saint Cloth”, one of the features of Saint Seiya.

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