育てて!マイワンコ2 ♪ 1.0.42 APK MOD

September 9, 2020 0 By pakadmin

育てて!マイワンコ2 ♪  –

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【ファッションショーで魅力PK】だれがトレンド達人なの?ファッションショーで魅力をPKして自分のワンちゃんと一緒にSuper Starになろう!!!

3D pet training a collection of popular worldwide social game – brought up to Maiwanko sequel strong level up! 2014 new stylish game, get taste Align the experience without ever!
Maiwanko to grow with the user of numerous finally announced the new. inherit the popular that previous work were received, this time trying to break through the so-called surface, and volume up featuring perfect score:
Using the original voice training and gesture system [voice training to Torture the dog], Aim the Moe dog our training master.
Even [improved diverse exchange] dog No do the Olympics. Let macro play in the playground!
[Make new friends in the park] park scene Introducing. It is possible to meet the likes friends of dogs at any time in the real-time chat system. And there is also beautiful fireworks and funny pranks, romance and joy is killing two birds with one stone.
Who’s the trend gurus Charisma PK in the fashion show]? The appeal by PK in the fashion show is !!! would Super Star together with their dog
[Rearing system with infinite possibilities] did on completely continue the previous work of rearing system, this work is by adding a feature called purebred dogs of special gene acquisition, gave infinite possibilities to offspring. In finding immediately of your intention of dog child from now, I will climb to the top of life and won a beautiful and rich companion!
Many of the furniture and accessories is more delicate than in [decoration remains face of care in personality Manman accessories]. DIY is unstoppable To you stop love!

Well, welcome to the world of this your favorite pet. “Grow me! Maiwanko 2” I am waiting for the subscription of various players!


Android 2.1+