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1.6.103 APK MOD

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※花顏笑春紅 妝點紅顏·百變華裳※

※宮中深似海 原創劇情·沉浸體驗※

※茶敘宮內事 肆意宮鬥·得寵成妃※

※復甦戀愛季 繁花盛世·浪漫初遇※

花·舞·宮·廷 一番唯美古風、一場劇情模擬、一份養成戀愛~現在就開啟一段花般美好的生活,來一段舞動心扉的戀情吧!

Thousands of young girls in ancient style dreams! “Flower Dance Palace” is a beautiful antiquity, plot simulation, love mobile game. In the game’s drunken antiquity scenes, all kinds of tools are Yuxuanang, handsome, blue-faced confidantes, and cicadas are decorated with jewels and gorgeous costumes. Multi-line plots are parallel, each of your choices is a fork in the road, in charge of the sixth house, or into the cold house, just in a thought!

※Hua Yan Xiao Chun Hong Makes a Confident Beauty·Variety of Costumes※
A large number of ancient style costumes can be matched at will, hundreds of sets of Ling Luomei clothes can be changed as you like, and multiple exquisite classic makeup looks can be dressed up at will. Variety of costumes, makeup and beauty, all kinds of styles you like, exotic women, or dignified and luxurious women, heroic and playful girls, can help you become the focus of the palace.

※Deep like the sea in the palace, original plot, immersive experience※
As soon as you enter the palace, it is like the sea. When you first enter the palace, meeting the bad guys is the beginning of the struggle. The 800,000-word plot text and the original plot fully reflect the deceitful life in the harem. You will improve yourself from a palace lady all the way. Bit, create your own world in the deep palace!

※Tea narrates palace affairs, wantonly palace fights, become a concubine ※
The ups and downs of the colorful clouds, the diversified life in the palace, the ups and downs of intelligent choices, the slightest mistake of choosing accidentally, and entering the Xinzheku; or the clouds are flat and the sixth house is in a single thought. If you are tired of intrigue, you can also perform a different kind of life in the palace. You can work in farming and farming, handle daily government affairs, parenting, hunting, and enjoying life in peace.

※Revival of the season of love, blooming flowers and first romantic encounter※
In a prosperous and prosperous world, you can experience the romantic romance for the first time, and you can experience the sweet and romantic love story when you meet an emperor, a courtier, a gifted man, or a knight. In this season of love, come to talk about a sweet love and realize the love you expect!

Flower·Dance·Palace·Ting A beautiful antiquity, a plot simulation, a form of love ~ Now start a beautiful life like a flower, let’s have a heart-beating love affair!

※Part of the content of this software and fantasy violence and love making friends are classified as supplementary 12 levels according to the game software classification management method.
※This game is free to use, and there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items in the game.
※Please pay attention to the game time and avoid obsessing.



Android 4.2+