電車で絶対座るマン -脱出ゲーム 2.4.0 APK MOD

August 29, 2020 0 By pakadmin

電車で絶対座るマン -脱出ゲーム  – 簡単無料の脱出ゲーム!



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Easy and free escape game!
A casual escape game where you search for an empty seat on the train and sit down. You can have an interesting brain training by killing time and solving a mystery! You can test your crisis avoidance ability by using animals, psychic phenomena, mechanical devices, ninjas on the train, fishing, carpooling with penguins in the frigid car, laughing and funny escape game app with horror!

■ How to play
・Tap on various places to get items or move the tricks to escape?
・You can use the items you get by swiping them and use them as a key to escape!
・If you trip over the puzzles, you can get hints for the escape game by watching the video.
-You can collect various events in the car with illustrations, so please try to complete it during your escape!

■Recommended points
-Free and easy! Recommended for those who like escape games!
・It is an escape game that anyone can enjoy with moderate difficulty.
・There is also a little horror escape game stage, so be careful if you are afraid.
-A fully loaded escape game.
・It is an escape game that you can lighten up.
-It is an escape game that is full of live news stories.
・It is an escape game that anyone can enjoy with easy operation.

Material used
Sound effect lab
Sound effect dictionary
Demon Soul


Android 3.0+