12BT(Play Online Bead 12, 12 Tehni, Sholo Guti) 2.9 APK MOD

August 31, 2020 0 By pakadmin

12BT(Play Online Bead 12, 12 Tehni, Sholo Guti)  – 12BT (A traditional game) is a two player chess like game. In this game each player has 12 pawns. If a player wants to move his bead/tehnis/guti then there will be two possibilities, first one is if all the nearest pawns of a bead/tehnis/guti are empty then the bead/tehnis/guti can be moved to any empty position. Other one is if a player can cross a bead of the opponent then the opponent’s bead will be overtaken. Whoever overtakes all the 12 beads/tehnis/guti of his/her opponent, he/she will be Winner.

Key Features:-
• Free 12BT board game also known as Bead 12/Sholo guti/12 Tehni.
• Player can chat with opponent during Match only.
• Player can overtake more then one bead/tehni/guti of his/her opponent in move.
• Online Board Game,Play with Facebook friends or Online Available Players.
• Friends can be added to play again with them.
• Recent Players can be invited to play again .
• Offline can be played.
• Player can login with Google Sign in.
• Helps in brain development and startgy making skill.

This game is best sources of entertainment in rural area of asian cuntries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc.
Connection problem solved.
Online play working
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Android 5.0+