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AgroPost  – AgroPost- Empowering Agriculture (Free Mobile App for everyone)

AgroPost is an online marketplace for agriculture products and services, connecting farmers with customers and suppliers. It is a complete end to end digital platform designed to assist farmers, Agri Business Community. AgroPost APP is User friendly and is available in multiple Indian languages.

The purpose of AgroPost is to help to find multiple suppliers, customers and service providers for all kinds of agriculture inputs, products & services.

AgroPost digital business platform helps Farmers and Farm related businesses like, Wholesalers, Retailers, Manufacturers, Rental Suppliers, Transporters, Civil Contractors, Nursery, Krishi Seva Kendra, Common Service Centers, Vet Doctors, Agri Experts, Exporters, Cold storage and Individuals etc. to grow their business.

AgroPost serves following purposes to farming community.

 Selling & Buying
Farmers and businesses can create free post or ads to sale or buy following items and
these posts are published across all users in India:
– Agriculture produce
– Livestock
– Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers
– Milk and Milk products
– Nursery plants and Seeds
– Farm machinery, Equipment and Tools
– Vehicles and Transport services
– Fertilizers and Pesticides
– Non-veg items
– Home Essentials
– Land
– Jobs in agriculture
AgroPost APP provides freedom to transact without any middleman.

 Rental Services
Any App user can post or advertise the rental services on AgroPost App for free. It can include the farm work to be done on contract basis.
Likewise, farmers can place orders to get the work done on rental or contract basis with or without farm equipment’s. Farmers can pay per use without any investment.

 Agricultural Co-operation
Any AgroPost user (farmer or business owner) can find nearby suitable supplier, customer or service provider to get his work done. E.g. a farmer can find wholesaler to sale his agri produce, and wholesaler can also find farmer to purchase agri produce in bulk. It is many to many contact process which will ultimately help the farming sector in India to grow.
One can also find nearby Agri consultant, Vet doctor or Krushi Vikas Kendra to get the work done.

 Agri Blogs
AgroPost is continuously publishing multiple blogs related to Agriculture, Natural Farming and App usage. Farmers can share their experiences on farming and business opportunities which can be published on AgroPost Blog for free and AgroPost will issue awards to best farmers, writers.

 Various useful links
AgroPost App provides useful links for the farmers to see or use following information:
– Market rates
– Weather forecast
– Govt websites to know policies, print 7/12 etc

 Paid Services
AgroPost users are Indian farmers and farm related businesses. Hence it provides great opportunity to showcase your products to them by way of Banner Ads, Pop-up Ads and Short videos etc. These ads can be published to the users in selected area which will help to boost your business to great extent.

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