Angry Dinosaur Jungle Hunt: T Rex Simulator 1.3 APK MOD

August 29, 2020 0 By pakadmin

Angry Dinosaur Jungle Hunt: T Rex Simulator  – The big 3D city hunting world of angry dinosaur games is overwhelmed with real tyrannosaur rex that are on a total rampage to crush the whole crazy dinosaur jungle. Roar through this adventure in dinosaur jungle safari as a real dino city; on a quest to hunt as a wild predator. Survive the cruel winter days and harsh stormy nights in safari in this amazing city hunting animal simulator. Be evil predator and Hunt harmless forest animals to regain your strength. You will not be dino hunter in this wild dinosaur era but you will be launching a crazy dinosaur attack in dinosaur fossil game. If you are tired of playing as a real carnivore hunter or dinosaur simulation in T rex dinosaur games and crazy dinosaur hunting is no more your thing, then you must play this dino city hunting dinosaur simulator game.

Be one of that fearless killer dinosaurs from the real dinosaur world, you might have a dinosaur survival plan because you have to get rid of huge elephants and rhinoceros even you are supposed to let them be the target of dinosaurs attack. Get yourself ready for exhilarating practice in wild dinosaur jungle safari carnivore hunter animal simulator game. You are a dino hunter or prey in the electrifying dinosaur hunting t rex simulator game? Explore the dino Jurassic world & Paly it out to know!!

Stand vigilant, because in this angry dinosaur game this is not only dinosaur world adventure but a superb thrilling mix of dino fossil games and t rex dinosaur games. Now dinosaur era you are not only you are not only a dino hunt but yes you have to be prepare for dinosaur survival and sharpen your killer dinosaurs attack claws in this wild dinosaur simulator game. You are a dino safari hero survivor in Jurassic world dinosaur jungle, as it starts from the home base of dino fossil games. Enjoy dino hunt t rex simulator in the pleasant overgrown dino Jurassic world environment with a variety of vegetation. You can rescue your life being the killer tyrannosaur rex or attack all of them in this dino simulator t rex games for your own survival.

Hunting simulation that is downright factual to life! Unique then other dino simulator T Rex games, Open and explore a huge 3D world of dinosaur fossil game in HD quality colonized by assortment of dinos. Use a unique hunting fixtures!

Features Of Angry Dinosaur Jungle Hunt:

• Huge 3d World, Open To Explore Like Real Dinosaur Games
• Map Out And Radar To Locate And Track Your Target
• Amazing Hunting Trappings For Smart Dino Hunter In Dino Games
• Hunt All The Target Or You Will Get Hunted
• Realistic Voice Of Real Life Wild Dinosaur World



Android 4.1+