Angry Goat Revenge Crazy Goat Madness 2020 1.6 APK MOD

Angry Goat Revenge: Crazy Goat Madness 2020 1.6 APK MOD Angry Goat Revenge: Crazy Goat Madness 2020Β  –

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Angry Goat Revenge Crazy Goat Madness 2020 1.6 APK MOD

Screenshot of Angry Goat Revenge: Crazy Goat Madness 2020

Angry Goat Revenge: Crazy Goat Madness 2020 APK MOD Download 1

Live the adventures of a crazy goat in this goat simulation 2020. Find the humans near to you, hit them as hard as you can and run away in this real play game. Knock over as many people as you can and show the art of city goat sim. You are a crazy goat in this game who has decided to hit each person it come across. Start playing this game and teach humans who is the boss! 🐐

The graphics of this game are super smooth and realistic. A city and fun fair environment will give you a real play feel of crazy goat game where you will be given different tasks to perform. Green lands and city environment will surely pull you towards this human knock over city goat sim real play game. You can also choose from different real looking goats. All crazy goats have only one objective in this city goat sim game! Knock over humans and run away for next target. In this city goat sim, you are a crazy goat and will be given different tasks. You have to complete each real play task to win prices and rewards. Roam around the city and see which is the easy target. Go near it and attack your target to knock over it. Start playing this amazing city goat sim and relive the life of a crazy goat. πŸ‘

You have to run away in order to escape humans. It is important as in this real play game, humans are your ultimate enemies. To run away or to attack effectively, you have to move your goat away from the humans first. Start playing by moving your goat using joystick control. This control is easy for you to master as it is simple to use. Different obstacles are in your way to knock over yourself. Jump over them by tapping the jump button. Reach near the target and attack it by pressing attack button. Remember to run away after attacking to save your goat. Start playing by roaming around the city. As this game is an open world game with multiple things to interact with, you have to first reach your destination to find your targets. 🐏

In this real play game, you will never get bored of your goat. Your goat has a unique way to knock over targets that are humorous. You will enjoy each attack and escape. Some people are alert and know that a goat rampage is going on in the city so they are alert and ready to retaliate. You have to run away from them so that you are not caught in a frenzy.

Start playing this amazing city goat sim and rule the city with your ultimate goat attacking skills! 🐐 πŸ‘ 🐏

🐐 Realistic environment.
πŸ‘ Different goat skins.
🐏 Original city hustle.
🐐 Easy controls.
πŸ‘ Challenging tasks and objectives.
🐏 Multiple camera views to enjoy the game.
πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈbugs fixed
πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈimprove game play



Android 4.4+

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