Archery Elite™ APK MOD

Archery Elite APK MOD

January 18, 2020 0 By pakadmin

🎯🎯Are you ready to become Archery Elite™? Play one of the most popular modern sport games in the Olympics. It’s FREE! Best archery games ever, become the world bow & arrow master! 🎯🎯

📌Game Features:
🏹 Real-time and competitive 1 vs 1 game mode.
🏹 Unlock hundreds of shooting archery levels to be the best.
🏹 Multiple archery shooting locations: Forest, Archery Field, Iceland etc.
🏹 Real 3D archery equipment to customize your special combinations.
🏹 Sharpen your archery skills in single game mode.

Archery Elite™ is a 3D mobile game which has amazing 3D shooting graphics, animations and it’s so realistic which makes you feel like you are actual in the archery game. Come and sharpen your skills to be the best archer!

The aim of the game is shooting your arrows at the targets. There are a variety of levels with different features and archery challenges. Start now! Aim and shoot! You are the Archery Elite™!

Start shooting today by playing Archery Elite™! Everyone is welcome to play and start your own shooting!

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We hope you enjoy the game.
Have fun!!!
🎯🎯What’s New: 🎯🎯
-Added “Lucky Offer” chest in game! You can get reward from it!
-Optimized the display of shop UI!
-Share Archery Elite™ for the first time daily can get reward!
-82 new national flags added!
-You can edit your avatar now!
-Emoji can be sent during a battle!
-You can check career and equipment about other players on the ranking!
-Increased the number of ranking reward, more players can get the reward!
-Login rewards optimized!
-Adjusted the countdown of claiming chest!