Aulie: Relax and fall asleep faster 1.0.06 APK App

May 13, 2020 0 By pakadmin

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Aulie: Relax and fall asleep faster  – Who never had troubles falling asleep in the evening? Insomnia is really common these days and it’s an important issue to tackle.

Aulie will help you relax and fall asleep by providing a peaceful light to follow. Just let her on your bedside table and she will project a relaxing light at a specific frequency. By focusing on this light and trying to follow its frequency with your breath, you’ll fall asleep faster.

At the end of the exercise, she will lock your phone, you have nothing to do more.

Let’s go and discover a new relaxing way to fall asleep!
First release of Aulie, your sleep assistant. Please give me your feedback and share Aulie if she helps you fall asleep.



Android 5.0+