Battleship & Puzzles: Warship Empire 1.27.0 APK MOD

September 15, 2020 0 By pakadmin

Battleship & Puzzles: Warship Empire  – Battleship & Puzzles is a completely new RPG naval battle game with fresh experience, combing match-3 and naval battle features with thrilling PVP duels, and allowing you to forge a strong naval empire and dominate the naval battle.

Make your strategy to match hundreds of warships, submarines and carriers, and build a powerful fleet to challenge other elite players worldwide. For the glory of the empire and guarding our waters, hurry up to join the battle NOW!


•Battle-Send your fleet to launch destructive attack by making match-3
•Build-Rebuild a powerful navy base and establish your naval empire
•Collect-Recruit hundreds of warships, submarines, carriers and naval commanders to build your fleet
•Upgrade-Upgrade your base and warships to boost your power and rule the sea
•PVP-Thrilling PVP duels with global players

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1. New feature: Ship Evolution & Dismantle (Entrance: Battle Lab)
Note: The new building Battle Lab is located at the right side of the base, near the sea
2. Labor Day challenge event
3 Optimization of Mint
4. New item for leveling up ships
5. New item for leveling up captains: Victory Badge



Android 4.4+