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Beautiful Islamic Ringtones  – This application dedicated to whom believe in Allah or God, and for islamic music lovers. This app have a wide variety of sounds and voices: Islamic ramadan ringtones, Doaa, athan, Quran and different beautiful songs. If you like religious and arabic song of maher zain, Sami Yusuf, Affasi, Soudais. This app. include songs like Allah, Ya taiba, ilahi anta maqsudi, arkan al islam (Five Pillars of Islam song ), assalamo alaykom, forgive me allah. Some people prefer install the latest popular tune on a phone call. Other people have sounds like classical phone romantic ringtones. Be unique. You can feel the presence of Allah every time your phone is ringing. Useful to all the Muslims.


– Set any Islamic sound as adhan to wake up for assubh prayers
– Set telephone ringtones as notification, alarm and assign to contacts (nature sounds)
– Different classical genres (rock, pop, jazz, blues, hip hop, rap, R&B, metal, folk)
– Top best famous Turkish ringtones. (top funny sayings ringtones)
– Fast and effective application on major devices (arabic musical instrument)
– Stay in touch with your religion. (Famous Arab Ringtones)
– Include funny sound effects for sms or alarm.
– New ringtones for you (Islamic ringtones for Kids)
– Muslim songs (beautiful galaxy Turkish ringtones and tones)
– Top 100 ring for mobile ( popular I6 ringtones)

Do you like Names of Allah, Ya rahman, tala al badru alayna, talaa al badro alayna, baraka allahu lakuma, ya nabi salam alayka, nouri ktamal, Ya taiba, ilahi anta, allah rabona, arkan islam, assalamu alayka, assalamu alayka maher zain, mawlaya sali wa salem, months in islam song, Ramadan Songs, hayati koloha lilah, al karam song.

We added new Islamic song and changed UI special for you.
This update brings small improvements and bug fixes. Thank you for your positive feedback and reviews. Have a nice day!



Android 4.2+