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Bella Villa 0.1.572 APK MOD

This is a story about following your dreams. Bella dreams of becoming a top-tier interior designer. Possibly the best in the world!

Help her make her dream a reality by swapping and matching your way through thrilling levels! Collect stars after each victory to unlock new furniture, new rooms and riveting story scenes.

Will Bella achieve her life’s ambition? Can she reclaim the former glory of her family home? Is the love of her life closer than she thinks?
The only way to find out is with your help! Let’s start our journey together right now!

Game Features:
*Simply swipe to operate. User friendly. Fun for all ages!
*Full HD quality artwork. Adorable characters and vibrant puzzle pieces.
*Thousands of exciting stages! Balanced gameplay and fresh challenges.
*Renovate & decorate: you decide what the house will look like!
*A fascinating plot! Mysteries, love interests, villains and more!
*Multiple characters available! Learn more about their stories!
New Content
1.The Valentine’s Day event will be launched soon!
2.The Plot showroom has been updated.
3.The character’s voices in the opening story now have now been added.

Optimization Content
1.Optimized the display of Speech Bubble Plots and added the “Skip” feature.
2.Optimized the visual and sound effects of certain Items, events, and sceneries.
3.Optimized the in-game Phone’s interface.
4.Optimized the guide and difficulty of the beginner’s levels.
5.Optimized the game’s notifications.



Android 4.1+