Blood & Honor – strategy & risk 5.21 APK MOD

August 30, 2020 0 By pakadmin

Blood & Honor is the best strategy, risk, conquest, and world domination game! It mixes the classic gameplay of risk and conquest board games with an innovative set of bonus cards that will give you access to air raids, nuclear bombs, assassins and more. With different maps, game modes and options, and the ability to play multiplayer games you will spend countless hours playing Blood & Honor.

Blood & Honor Highlights:
– Beautiful illustrated maps to play in
– Free For All and Team Battles
– Pass & Play
– Real Time Online multiplayer with built in chat
– Automatic save/resume of offline games
– Customize your avatar and troop skins
– Unique pattern colors to pick!
– Season based leagues with rewards!

If you find a bug please help us by reporting it. You can email us at [email protected] Thank you!

Get your risk fix now! Download and play against thousands of other players!
– New Map! World domination
– New Colors! U.S.A and Italy
– New Avatars! Scimitar and Royal crown
– New Settings! Fog of war and initial territory selection
– New gift mechanic
– Maps look bigger now
– Changed input method
– Basic colors are more clear and distinct from one another
– Anti-cheat system
– Fixed militia support card duration in strategic mode