Brainzzz 2.5.0 APK MOD

Brainzzz 3.2.0 APK MOD

September 17, 2020 0 By pakadmin

“Brainzzz” is a super addictive, super fun classic puzzle game mix

Has 1500 design and challenges, including: a lot of paintings, water pipes, escaped snakes, and solitary people
You only need to install “Brainzzz” to experience the happiness from the brain.

Everyday brain power invites you to join:

One stroke
A simple and complex mixture, you can only draw a graphic with your fingers in the game. Simple to get started, but it can bring great brain challenges. Try to experience the charm of your fingers.

Crashing into battle
Rampage, through the terrible maze to reach the target without hitting the wall.

Water pipe
Multi-directional pipe rotation, you need to connect them perfectly, you need to connect the water pipes of the same color in the game.

Escape the snake
Don’t be fooled by cute eyes, you need to find ways to get it to fill the entire board quickly.

Single Talent
The world’s strongest brain must come from Sudoku. Sudoku can not only examine your ability to distinguish and rank numbers, but also the ability to exercise your brain space. Get started, be entertained, come on, come and experience the charm of numbers

More fun upcoming upcoming
Thousands of new levels and new game modes are being designed.

Different difficulty challenges
Each game offers at least 8 difficulty levels, from novice to master to challenge you.

Omni-directional surround
If you are a puzzle game enthusiast, here will open the door to the world of puzzle games for you!

Simple and interesting
More than 2,000 professional levels are waiting for you to conquer, helping you kill time, and more levels and patterns are being designed.

Refreshing art style
Refreshing art styles provide a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Thank you for supporting our game! Enjoy the brain with your family and friends!

Comment message list:
“It makes me feel like a genius way is unbeatable.” – Dinklage Review
“If you like it, you can’t let such a fun game slip away from you” – Jean Reno Review
“I like puzzle games – my brain makes me crazy – that’s why I am obsessed with it, challenge me.” – Jackson Review

If you have a good idea, welcome to comment.
1. Increase the difficulty of the ladder to unlock
3. Increase the way gold coins are obtained
2, enhance the game experience
3, solve some BUG