Breaking Gates – 2D Action RPG 1.0.40 APK MOD

September 11, 2020 0 By pakadmin

An exciting combination of classic platform gameplay with fast combat and frenzied combos of a hack and slash!

Breaking Gates is an action RPG mixing platform and adventure elements with hack and slash gameplay. Super exciting graphics and fun and simplified gameplay! Defeat multiple enemies with creepy combos, combinations and special attacks! Collect valuable items and become a legendary adventurer in this newest side scrolling exclusive to mobile devices.

Be attentive in combat!
Move quickly, jump, attack and dodge! Perform various combinations of blows to cause more damage to enemies! Do not make a break for the enemy to attack you!

Many combos!
Run the skills with assorted commands, the controls are simple and incredible combos are easy to do. Choose the best time to use a command and create combos in your style. Here the higher the number of hits, the more damage your attack will cause!

Captivating and colorful 2D graphics!
Venture through the map with charismatic and fun visuals.

Incredible combination of Action and Adventure RPG!
While collecting items and increasing their level, explore jumping and moving dash maps to access higher surfaces.

Complete missions in search of medals!
The people of the kingdom need your help, talk to them and fulfill their missions to gain fame and become the greatest adventurer in the world!

Find lots of valuable items and secret paths!
Explore the map and find secret passages and rare items! You can manufacture various attachments that increase your strength!


1. This is a sample version that is still undergoing final testing before the official release and may contain crashes and errors.

2. The ideal to play Breaking Gates, is on a device with 1.5 GB of RAM or higher. If your device does not meet the requirements, performance or failure issues may occur.

3. A minimum of 200 Mb of free space is required on your device so that the installation can take place properly.
4. Need to have access to an internet connection to play. Give preference to a wi-fi connection, mobile data charges may apply.

5. There are additional downloads needed after downloading the game.

6. The progress of the game will be lost after the uninstall.

7. The game is available in English and Portuguese in Brazil (Language settings can be changed within the game).

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* Path info ver.0.2.54
– Some bugs fixed;

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