Brick Breaker Champion 1.0.35 APK MOD

Brick Breaker Champion 1.0.35 APK MOD Brick Breaker Champion  –

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Brick Breaker Champion 1.0.35 APK MOD

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No need for waiting for the ball coming down because players can fire a ball in real time.
Most addictive time killing game!

[How to play]
– Fire the balls in real time.
– Change the direction to fire the balls with a simple touch.
– The Balls hits and damages bricks.
– When their durability become zero, bricks are destroyed.
– Find the best spot to hit the entire bricks.

– Various stages
– The most thrilling Arcade Mode Supported
– Easy control, simple game rule & one handheld play oriented.
– Playable with various shaped balls (Stars, triangles, rectangles, and Shuriken)
– Multiplayer mode supported
– Low-end devices fully supported
– Tablet devices supported
– Achievements & Leaderboard supported
Difficulty level was easily changed.



Android 4.1+