Brick Breaker Shooter – Free Ball Smash Brick Game 1.2 APK MOD

Brick Breaker Shooter – Free Ball Smash Brick Game 1.2 APK MOD Brick Breaker Shooter – Free Ball Smash Brick Game  –

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Brick Breaker Shooter – Free Ball Smash Brick Game 1.2 APK MOD

Welcome to Bricks Breaker Free – Smash Block Breaker and Ball Shooter Games 2021

Break the colorful neon bricks with variety of balls. Relaxing and satisfying free bricks games with beautiful neon effects. Blow away your stress! Dozens of colorful balls and epic rebound effects. Bricks breaking was never so much fun. Shoot them bricks quest!

Special power ups now available. Simply tap to shoot the missile. Break complete column of new blocks with missile power up. Crush all records, create high streaks combos and compete with users worldwide. Higher score you have, lower the cooldown for the rocket.

Start the amazing free arcade levels with over 10 balls now. Fantastic option has now been added. You can start blocks shooter with 1/2 of your highest collected balls.

Play this fun brick color game and feel relax. All you need to do is find the best angle and tap. Shoot the balls to hit the bric. As the ball hit on the gem bricks, the bricks will break. Are you the one to break record games.

Master your target skills and imagination as you make decision about the best way to beat this blocks breaker free games. It is not easy to break record game. Destroy block is easy, but free record break is hard to master.

Hit blocks and hit them hard. Make sure to gem break. Collect all balls with the gold and gem that you collect in the breake bricks game. Brickshooter is fun to play game for all ages. Destroy bric and juicy blork to have fun. Well, in short it is a balls vs bricks game. Where you are ball shooter and break the wall of bricks. Colorful neon bricks can stand in your way. No doubt it is a hard bricks game, but with practice and brain, you can beat the galaxy out of bric.

Guide for block brick brain game:
– Use your intelligent brain
– Estimate the rebounds
– Find the best angle
– Tap to shoot the balls
– Hit blocks
– Break color bricks
– Break records
– Get bonus gold and gem
– Earn new free balls

Bricks Puzzle Features:
– Amazing glow colors themed puzzles
– Easy to play, Hard to master
– Smooth control
– Relaxing to play
– Colorful bric
– Free block games for all ages
– Soothing design and leader board
– Brain puzzle offline games
– Starts with 10 balls now instead of 1
– Reduced size
– Performance improvements



Android 4.4+

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