Passenger Airplane Games : Plane Hijack 1.6 APK MOD

Passenger Airplane Games : Plane Hijack 1.6 APK MOD Passenger Airplane Games : Plane Hijack  –

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Passenger Airplane Games Plane Hijack 1.6 APK MOD

Screenshot of Passenger Airplane Games : Plane Hijack

Passenger Airplane Games : Plane Hijack APK MOD Download 1

Passenger Airplane Games : Plane Hijack Game Rescue Mission
Plane hijack passenger airplane games airplane rescue mission is thrilling rescue mission against terrorism. Passenger airplane games is a game of plane rescue mission to counter the terrorists in the mission of terrorist attack. The hostage and the passengers are in danger. They need a strong secret agent to take control of the plane. This is the best time of rescue training in aircraft plane with modern rescue thrilling adventure.
200 passengers to their destination point. A group of terrorists walking on the plane. This game has very exciting multiple levels of rescue games including plane hijack games, navy cargo ship rescue and bank cash rescue mission. US airplane hijack game is action and fighting simulation I play as secret agent mission 3d commando fighter famous to complete the impossible missions.
You will be rewarded with more damage and more. The complete mission briefing will be provided at the start of every critical and thrilling level for your ease.
Best of Luck!

Game Play and Features:
– Challenging Missions
– Weapon Selection
– Smooth Controls
– Realistic Sound Effects
– Rescue the plane Hijacked by the Terrorists
– Minor Bugs Fixed
– Google Policy Issue Solved
– Improved Gameplay



Android 5.0+

World War Battleship: The Hunting in Deep Sea 2.00.035 APK MOD

World War Battleship: The Hunting in Deep Sea 2.00.035 APK MOD World War Battleship: The Hunting in Deep Sea  –

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World War Battleship The Hunting in Deep Sea 2.00.035 APK MOD

Screenshot of World War Battleship: The Hunting in Deep Sea

World War Battleship: The Hunting in Deep Sea APK MOD Download 1

Act Now in the Ocean! World War Battleship 2021 Full-Control Submarine, Aircraft Controllable Carrier System! Sunk the enemy ship, fight back to the enemies, Get Epic Victory Glory.

🛳️ Highly Detailed Latest 3D Warship Graphics.
🎮 Full Control Submarine & Aircraft System, No RTS Aircraft Control Mode. ⚓Exchange All the Ship Gun as You Wish.
🛠️ Exciting War Feels & Best Sea Gunfire Effect.

Join the War! World War Battleship is WW1 to WW2 Warship Online Game. A Free-to-play simulator action TPS ship view and FPS shooting mode shooter game. You can role-play a real-time third person warship. It will return to WW2 1941, 1942~1944 Battle Day, and Night Blitz Combat. You can join the in United State, England (UK), Japan, Germany, France, USSR Soviet, Chinese and Italy Marine Navy or Strategy.

Over 150 Ship in 8 Country Such as Warship Monster – Yamato, USS Iowa, Bismarck, South Dakota , Nagato, Wolf-pack – German U-boat, USS Midway CV-41, Musashi, USS Zumwalt (planning).

Character System
Get participate in the battle and get nation EXP.

Unlock the Ship
Unlock your warship with nation year EXP or Silver or Gold resources.

Upgrade the Armaments Weapon Equipment
Warship’s Guns Cannons, Bullets, Torpedoes, Missiles, Airship & Craft – Airplane, Aircraft, Helicopters, Bombers, Depth Chargers, Water or Fuel Tanks.

Upgrade Ship Modules / Tech Steer-Parts

Ship Armors
Simple Click to Adjust the Armor Slots of Hulls, Base, Belt, Bulkhead armor, to dodge or reduce the damage attack.

Sailor Characters & Skill Dominance
In 10 different classes (Supply, Weapon, Engine, Scout, Communicate, Command Commander, Medic, Damage, Air boost, Aviators). It helps to upgrade the gun accuracy, range, damage, potential abilities, food act, reaction, defense, jump in to dodge rate.

Five Playable-Era Ship Types
(Battleship – BB, Aircraft Carrier – CV, Heavy Cruiser – CA, Cruiser – CL, Destroyer – DD, Submarine – SS).

Daily Reward & Achievement System

Weather System
Sun, Night, Arctic, Snow, Rain Environment.

Optimization Performance Adjustment
Graphics Setting – Low, Mid, High Quality.

Quick Random Battle
Online Battle (PVP) 12 vs 12 to 2 vs 2.

Team Up Corporation Squad
To join the PVP Clash. Play with online friends or team matches to become the master champion!

CO-OP Mission
The Solo or Single Players Mode, to sink all the enemies ship, choosing different difficulty to survival the fast-wave attacks.

Historic Cooperate Sceneries
To compete different ship attack mission episodes threats. Some famous invincible battle in the historic documents, such as Philippine Sea, Pacific War, Battle of the Atlantic.

Aircraft Dogfight in the Sky Take attack risk behind the enemies. Track the Enemies’ Warplane!

Fleet Clan System
Armada Hunting Competition – Coming Soon.

Royale Arcade Mode
Occupy different position, to get extra power supply stage – Coming Soon.

Training Mode
Fight with AI enemies, particle your skill.

Various Ultimate Paint Schemes System Skins, Patterns, Color, Decals Cockpit.

Customize Flag System (Coming Soon)
Make sure your device is equipped with 1.2GHz processor or 1GHz processor and 1GB memory or above configuration. English Interface. Requires a network connection and a registered game account the information collected is for game use only (storing game data, login games, etc.)

Once you step in this Intense Battlefield, you can take the total of war. It is a high-deep sea and Air-Battle Warfare. Get the Big Battle! Assemble your Clan and Enter the Front-line of War.



Android 4.4+

Ultra Battle faight Super Warrior 3.3.3 APK MOD

Ultra Battle faight Super Warrior 3.3.3 APK MOD Ultra Battle faight Super Warrior  –

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Ultra Battle faight Super Warrior 3.3.3 APK MOD

Screenshot of Ultra Battle faight Super Warrior

Ultra Battle faight Super Warrior APK MOD Download 1

This fighting games will give you a chance to become one of fighting character to fight
with enemies and protect everybody on earth.

******************** FEAUTURES ********************

• Easy to play the game and Easy to control.

• 20 Super stick levels with amazing graphics.

• 50+ bosses with 100+ skills.

• Many challenges each level

• Many characters to collect and upgrade.

• Many mode game.

******************* HOW TO PLAY *******************

enjoy with thing amazing super warrior game, please rate us and leave a comment.



Android 2.3.2+

Garfield™ Rush 4.9.8 APK MOD

Garfield™ Rush 4.5.5 APK MOD Garfield™ Rush  –

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Garfield Rush 4.5.5 APK MOD

Garfield Rush is an endless running mobile game where the Player is Garfield, Odie or Nemo.After being tricked by a conniving cat named Harry, the player chases after him. As they run, they grab gold coins out of the air while simultaneously dodging collisions with vehicles and other objects, and can also jump on the top of the vehicles to look forshortcuts.

The player can collect various items such as coins, score, elastic shoes, jetpacks, magnets and booster packs. By swapping rapidly as speed increases, more coins and score can be acquired. 18 costumes can be unlocked via in-game purchases and players can collect specific items. Plus characters can pig out on lasagna, spaghetti, Neapolitan pizza, hot dogs, burritos, fried chicken and more!


Level of feeding system
📎Players need to collect a variety of ingredients to cook food, such as lasagna, spaghetti, Neapolitan pizza, hot dogs, burritos, fried chicken and so on.
📎By feeding to upgrade the level. The level is related to the score multiple, the higher multiple, the easier to get high score🏃.
📎Players can unlock new scenes when they reach the level 5, 10and 15.

Variety of innovative gameplay
📎It compromises classic run styles and you can experience the fun of avoiding vehicles while running.
📎Big loopback acceleration, Boss battle, Flight rewards.
📎The western desert, Combinewith the mining car game, Exploretreasures.
📎Water City World, Sea-like Mercedes-Benz, Avoiding various animal’s attack
📎Relics exploration, Obstacles, Ingenious level design

Waiting for you to collect cool characters
📎Unlock Garfield, Odie, Nemo and other classic characters.
📎Collect character fragments while running to unlock various suits.
📎The specific action of each suit or character is unique in design


Garfield RushFeatures:
👉Officially licensed Garfield
👉Classic run👣 gameplay
👉A variety of innovative gameplay
👉Level of feeding system
👉Rich scenes and level design
👉20 sets of clothing.
👉Excited background sound
👉Upgrade props
👉Competing with global players
👉Get more rewards

Join the most daring rush game!

What’s about “garfield rush”
► Optimize animation effect during construction
► Optimize details during construction
► Optimize performance


Android 4.4+

Human Tested 12.1 APK MOD

Human Tested 10.2 APK MOD Human Tested  –

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Human Tested 10.2 APK MOD

Screenshot of Human Tested

Human Tested APK MOD Download 1

Feel like a doll for testing, you need to get to the workplace and it is desirable to remain whole. How many trials people have prepared for you, but this is your destiny, the essence of your creation, so try not to upset people and get as far as possible.

A crazy game that shows the other side of the life of dolls for the test of cars, the track is full of unexpected traps, rivals are ready to take your workplace away from you. Use tap to move the doll, get to the finish line first and you will be given the opportunity to test a new car. Well, what else can you dream of.
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Android 5.0+

Guns at Dawn: Shooter Arena Online 1.15.1 APK MOD

Guns at Dawn: Shooter Arena Online 1.15.1 APK MOD Guns at Dawn: Shooter Arena Online  –

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Guns at Dawn Shooter Arena Online 1.15.1 APK MOD

Screenshot of Guns at Dawn: Shooter Arena Online

Guns at Dawn: Shooter Arena Online APK MOD Download 1

Guns at Dawn: Shooter Arena is the best action shooter multiplayer for mobiles.
Can you survive in deadly all-out gun battles and be the last gunslinger standing? Grab your weapon and don’t miss the shot. Make each bullet count!

Key Features
Skill based PvP Duel Battles
Play online and master the art of shooting pistols and dodging bullets. Unleash lethal skills to gun down your enemy in split seconds.

Intuitive Controls
It’s so simple than you learn quickly tactics to kill your opponent and rank up in your leaderboard. The skill-cap is high enough to be extremely challenging and be the best in this PvP shooting game

Customizable Characters and accesories
8+ gunslingers with special skills: The Outlaw, The Red Indian, the Bounty Hunter, The Graverobber or the Marshall. Create a unique hero by using a combination of hundreds of accessories and find the perfect look.

Cool weapons
10+ iconic weapons: Walker, Navy, or the PeaceMaker. Choose the specific gun-fighting skills you want to develop and acquire new shooting abilities to become the best shooter

High Quality 3D Battlegrounds
Fight across 5+ console quality multiplayer maps with objects to hide and destructible environments and obstacles

Worldwide competitions and modes
Rise in the leaderboards Leagues and weekly Rival Ranks to battle to the top in competitive ranked mode. Compete against thousands of shooters worldwide in realtime 1v1 matches.

Note: An internet connection is required to play online this game. the gameplay uses realtime online matches with player across the globe.

+ New Season!: Graves and Souls , includes a new exclusive character: ‘The Witch’
+ Weapon Skins: Now you can customise your favourite weapon!
+ Supplies
+ More stability and improvements
Thanks for Playing and supporting us!



8.0 and up

Pixel Strike 3D – FPS Gun Game 8.9.0 APK MOD

Pixel Strike 3D – FPS Gun Game 8.9.0 APK MOD Pixel Strike 3D – FPS Gun Game  –

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Pixel Strike 3D – FPS Gun Game 8.9.0 APK MOD

Screenshot of Pixel Strike 3D – FPS Gun Game

Pixel Strike 3D - FPS Gun Game APK MOD Download 1

Pixel Strike 3D is a Multiplayer First-Person Shooter! This blocky shooting game brings fast-paced online FPS gameplay to your mobile device. With PC and Console style mechanics, this is not your average mobile gun game. It’s time to stop crafting and start shooting!

⚔️MULTIPLAYER! – Fight real players from all around the world in epic multiplayer matches!
🪂 BATTLE ROYALE – Drop into a huge map, find loot, and get the victory royale!
👕CUSTOMIZE – Buy new hats, boots, gear, skins and more! Unlock rare gun skins!
🕹️MINIGAMES – Play fun minigames like Dodgeball, One in The Chamber, Duck Hunt, and more!
👪FRIENDS – Squad up! Add friends, invite them to games, and chat with them!
🧟 ZOMBIES – Survive the Zombie Apocalypse in Infected mode! Battle Royale rules – last man standing wins!
🎨 SKIN CREATOR – Make your own skins and use them in multiplayer!
🚩 CLANS – Make a clan, design your own logo, invite your friends, and top the leaderboards!
💣 PLANT THE BOMB! – The Police must stop the terrorists from planting the bomb!
🏆 LEADERBOARDS – Reach the top of the Daily and Weekly Leaderboards and win big rewards!
🎁 CASES – Win rare hats, weapons, and gun skins in epic case openings!

Level up your character in the many unique game modes, unlock new snipers, machine guns, pistols, RPGs, and even lightsabers! Upgrade your guns with attachments like silencers and red dot sights!

What are you waiting for? Download this epic cube world multiplayer shooter today!
– Cops & Robbers season started
– Bank map
– New Wager Match game mode
– Crosshair Editor
– Ranked season ended
– Sapphire and Candy weapon skins
– Improved detection of invisible player names
– Increased sniper scope zoom level on higher FOV settings

Visit our Discord server for full patch notes:



Android 4.4W+

Wild West Survival: Zombie Shooter. FPS Shooting 1.1.11 APK MOD

Crossfire: Survival Zombie Shooter. FPS Strike 1.0.10 APK MOD Crossfire: Survival Zombie Shooter. FPS Strike  –

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Crossfire Survival Zombie Shooter. FPS Strike 1.0.10 APK MOD

The game setting takes you to the world of the American West of the 19th century with a touch of mystery. Show your courage, fight monsters and slay zombies, busting the cities to stay alive. Hide deep in the woods with others as you prepare to take on the undead!

Main features:

12 unique realistic locations: villages, cities, forests, mills, mines, and sawmills.

Weapons from the late 19th century that you’ve never tried before. Shoot with Double Barrel Shotguns, Hunting Rifles, Colt 1911s and other classic arsenal pieces.

Top graphic design and visuals won’t have you doubting this is real.

Compatible with a hefty range of devices starting from 2015, with high-quality FPS (50+) at the same time.

Sophisticated shooting: make sure you hit your target and kill all the enemies.

Offline mode: play with no internet connection anytime, anywhere.

You are a hunter, a mercenary seeking to kill as many monsters and the undead as possible. You are not alone in this fight: other players will try to complete the assignment faster and better than you. Play in the middle of the day, during the sunset, or at night. The game offers over 120 missions starting from the simpler ones; as your skills improve, your challenges get harder, too.

The more missions you complete, the more perks you land. Gain gaming experience and increase the status of your profile to access all kinds of weapons:

– Combat Knife
– Revolver
– Colt 1911
– Double Barrel Shotgun
– R870 Shotgun
– Hunting Rifle
– M1A Assault Rifle
– Crossbow

It doesn’t end here. Once you put your hands on a new weapon, you can improve its combat parameters: damage, accuracy, rate of fire, and reload speed. On top of the great set of arms, use grenades and Molotov cocktails and get help with first-aid kits.

Crossfire: Survival Zombie Shooter is a revolution in its genre. Download the app today to experience an amazing combination of superb graphics, smooth physics and perfect control. Find your way out of dark land and set yourself free!



Android 5.0+

FOG – Battle Royale MOBA RPG PVP Fantasy Survival 0.27.0 APK MOD

FOG – Battle Royale 0.4.1 APK MOD FOG – Battle Royale  –

(   )

FOG – Battle Royale 0.4.1 APK MOD

Become a Battle Royale epic hero. Stay alive! Stand the battlefront. FOG calls for action!

FOG is a brand new dark fantasy MMORPG mobile game. FOG is a combination of MOBA (MOBA – a multiplayer online battle arena) features, immersive RPG (role-playing game) gameplay jam-packed in a delicious fantasy ambiance sauce.

Can you survive the battleground for the trending game genre?

FOG is a trending game genre (Battle Royale) new take. This adventure game is set in the dark fantasy world. Join millions of fans worldwide! This time you have to survive in the world of magic.
The battleground location is a magical fantasy world covered in deadly fog. To stay alive and stand the battlefront you have to upgrade your skills, clash all the enemies, and stay away from the fog.
Don’t forget to win all the trophies and make your way to the top of the Battle Royale global leaderboard.
Last but not least the multiplayer battle arena with 30 players awaits you. FOG calls for action!

Survive in fast pvp battles

Are you ready for the challenge? Action battles with 30 players await you. Arena offers you fast and dynamic battles. Take part in as many as you can. You don’t want to get down by the deadly fog. So get gear, track down enemies. You can also hide from the players. Whatever your strategy tells you. Your ultimate battle royale goal is to survive! Fight the last war – against the fog.
FOG will give you complete game immersion! Prepare for the age of magic!

Middle Ages in all their glory and splendour

FOG is Battle Royale set in the Middle Ages. Choose any medieval weapon from the most exciting era in history. Pick a bow, a sword, or a spear. Meet the rules of survival. Something is still missing. The magic you bet. FOG has you served! Monsters and creatures block your way. Magic potions help you survive the fog that brings death and destruction.
Enter the game every day. Join the league or create your own to get more rewards. Follow the Honor Track. Win the battles. Gain honor. Claim rewards. Get more loot from crates. Start with the Bronze Crate and move to the Nuclear Crate. The more you play the more you get.
Pick your equipment. Master your skills. Boost your journey with extra resources packs.
Travel through the era of knights and mages, mystery, and adventure. Get ready to dig deep into the world with magic laws. Don’t forget about turn-based battles. Pick your favorite role-playing game element!
Mysterious places, magical artifacts, epic bosses are there for you. And you always dreamed of domination? Bust down all your enemies in the PvP Arena!

Adventures are waiting for you!
Are you ready? See you at FOG!

Attention: the game is in the open beta testing stage and is undergoing a continuous update and upgrade!
Interface updated



Android 4.4+