PK XD Explore and Play with your Friends 0.24.3 APK MOD

PK XD – Explore and Play with your Friends! 0.19.1 APK MOD PK XD – Explore and Play with your Friends!  –

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PK XD – Explore and Play with your Friends 0.19.1 APK MOD

Welcome to your own virtual world!
PK XD is all about fun: a game in which you can create your avatar, build your own house, meet, talk and have fun with your friends, have a virtual pet, play minigames, and much more!

Go on new adventures in this open-world game, where you’ll challenge yourself with minigames to get exclusive items and take your house, your looks, your pets, and all the fun to the next level.
Ready to explore this universe and join millions of players from all over the world?!

Here’s a list of all the fun you can have:

Your character, your rules! You can be a zombie, a unicorn, a witch, or even a dragon if you wish. Just use your imagination to combine all items available: monster slippers, futuristic boots, incredible wings, ninja swords, a cat mask, shark gloves, lobster gloves, golden hair, fun backpacks, incredible sunglasses, cool clothes, and much more.

You already have a house, friends, work… the fun will be complete with your own virtual pet! From common to rare animals, you can find cats, dogs, pigs, cows, buffalos, hedgehogs, raccoons, alligators, hippopotamus… phew! There are many cute creatures to be your partner in the game! Take care of them and let them grow by your side.

This is your virtual world! You can do whatever you want. So, in addition to exploring the world and taking up challenges, you can try different activities such as relaxing in the floats, having ice cream, jumping with the “power-up”, dancing different moves and styles, and having lots of fun with your friends and neighbors!

Build your house, get new items, and decorate your home however you want. The only limit is your imagination! Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find: Puff cloud, dance mat, lava lamp, wallpapers, fluffy rug, gamer chair, pictures, fantastic fireplace, heart-shaped balloons, kitchen items, bathroom items, and so much more!

There’s always something new on PK XD! Play minigames and complete quests in each season. What about some crazy run or delivering pizzas to earn coins?

Build the game with us! We listen closely to your suggestions so that we can offer the best experience ever.

Follow us to stay on top of the news: @pkxd.universe
– Our robots have worked hard and now the levels in Crazy Run are different every day! What are you waiting for? Call your friends to play with you!
– Oh… Now you also get tickets every time you complete a run!”



Android 4.4+

Strike Force Heroes: Global Ops PvP Shooter 1.0.3 APK MOD

Strike Force Heroes: Global Ops PvP Shooter 1.0.3 APK MOD Strike Force Heroes: Global Ops PvP Shooter  –

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Strike Force Heroes Global Ops PvP Shooter 1.0.3 APK MOD

If you like Offline Shooter , Multiplayer PvP , FPS and to be a sniper. Here is for you, the latest of team PvP shooting game ! The combat is real, and you can be the hero.

🔫Ready. Aim. Fire! This is the #1 realistic 3D team PvP game available on Google Play. You are a well trained elite member of special weapons and tactics teams. Equipped with sub-machine guns, sniper rifles and stun grenades, you will navigate secret missions across the globe to eradicate the evil syndicate that stands in the way of a peaceful world. It is time to load out your firearms! Leave no squad mate behind in this action oriented first person shooter game! Let the bullets fly now!

===Game Features===
★ Lots of perfect maps to get Best FPS Shooting Experience Ever.
★ 20+ Weapons, Customize Your Exclusive Weapons and Skins!
(MAC10,TMP,MP5 navy,UMP, P90, Galil, FAMAS, AK47, M4A1,SG-552, AUG,M249-SAW,SG-550 commando,AWP… )
★Customize your weapon and get a unique skins to be cool Multiplayer FPS player.
★Detailed Snipers for shooters who like to be a sniper.
★Deathmatch: It’s kill or be killed, is the way of the gun!.
★Team Deathmatch: Team vs Team fight, who will be the last team standing on the arena?
★Completely offline that you can play everywhere and any time
★Perfect optimization even for weak devices!

Are you ready? Test out your shooting skills in this exciting fast-paced shooting game! Experience action, where fast reflexes and TACTICAL skills are essential to success. Be the best shooter in every beautifully crafted maps!

We’re grateful for any and all feedback and suggestions on the project.😊😊
– Add Google Play Games leaderboards, and more.
– Other fixes and improvements.
Don’t forget give 5 star to encourage us, more update on the way!


Android 4.4+

3D Shooting Games: Real Bottle Shooting Free Games APK MOD

3D Shooting Games: Real Bottle Shooting Free Games APK MOD 3D Shooting Games: Real Bottle Shooting Free Games  –

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3D Shooting Games Real Bottle Shooting Free Games APK MOD

Real Bottle Shooting Free Games- 3D Shooting Games 2021:
Grab the gun, aim first person shooter free bottle shooting games with gunshot to smash glass bottles new games 2021 offline.

SPARTANS GLOBAL presents bottle shooting free games in the world of new games 2021. Bottle shooting free game is one of the best games 2021 for shooting games lovers. Target shooting new game is based on the idea of 3d sniper shooting games. There are a bulk of free shooting games on play store but the new target shooting simulator game is unique due to its incredible features. Offline target shooting games provide a 3d games realistic environment, cool fun games graphics and smooth gun shoot games control. Target shooting new games is addictive for arcade games players because it is a fun game as well as a free game. Discover something new by smashing bottles sorted in shelves in 3d target shooting gun games without the internet.

Shoot the bottles! Bottle smashing free game gives the best shooting games experience and adventure. Many shooting targets in bottle simulator free games to boost your zeal of 3d sniper shooting games 2021. Want to be a Pro shooter of shooting games? Play Bottle shooting new games for free and be a real sniper shooter of smash hit target glass simulator offline games. Grab a gun and shoot the target in free gun games. Sniper shooting free games has many thrilling challenges to judge shooting games expertise. Have fun with smashing bottles in 3d shooting fun games.

Real Bottle Shooting Free Games- 3D Shooting Gameplay:
Ready. Aim. Fire! Play one of the best gun shooting adventure free games. Select your 3d shooting gun and choose one of classic shooting games stories to blast the bottle. 3d classic shooting simulator new games has Hangar Bay, Tropical Beach and Shooting range stories to play. In the Hangar Bay story of classic shooting mode, shoot all the bottles in given time and ammo. Try best to smash bottles by fewer bullets in epic bullet shooting free games.

Shooting targets with fewer bullets in least time will reward you extra coins and points. Claim the rewards to unlock assault inventory in sniper shooter games. Aim shooting adventure game provides you with a spin wheel carrying multiple gifts to help in progress. Free arcade shooting games also provide daily rewards for shooting gun games lovers. Tropical Beach story of Bottle shooting simulator game is based on the ideas of shooting on the seashore. Be brave! Shoot targets and earn the title of real shooting hero.

Real Bottle Shooting Free Games- 3D Shooting Games 2021 missions:
Judge shooting gun games skills by playing offline target shooting simulator new games. Thrilling missions of 3d sniper shooting simulator offline games challenge the pro shooting skills. Shooting a target from a large range is very tough in gun shooter range. Gun shoot games provide shooting range mode to shoot targets from different ranges. Enjoy the fun of real shooting simulator games 2021.

AI Multiplayer:
Pick your sniper and get into the shooting range to compete with your shooting rival in free sniper game. Real target shooting games double up the fun with multiplayer shooting game mode. Let you know, every miss shot will cause you to lose the shooting battle. Take aim at the target to get maximum points.

Real Bottle Shooting Free Games- 3D Shooting Games 2021 Features:
Smooth gun shoot game control
Realistic 3d shooting game environment
Melodious gun shooting sound
Wide range of guns in offline shooting games
Thrilling fun games missions
Free and offline game to play

Real Bottle Shooting Free Games- Shooting Games 2021 Disclaimer:
No WIFI? Play free and offline games. We don’t collect any personal information in this real target shooting fun games. Gun shooting simulator free game serves ads to meet team expenses. Read our privacy policy, information collected by our partners is used to enhance gaming experience. now, world free target shooting new games.
League Shooters now brings our ❄️ Winter Update ❄️:

🕹️ DAILY TASKS! Complete and win exciting prizes everyday

🕹️ Optimized Size! For all our Players

🛠 GUI Optimizations & Improvements for a smoother Gameplay

🛠 Minor Bug Fixes for a streamlined experience

Have fun and leave your feedback & suggestions!

Keep Shooting & Keep Playing!!


Android 5.0+

CUE! – See You Everyday – 2.2.0 APK MOD

CUE! – See You Everyday – 2.2.0 APK MOD CUE! – See You Everyday –  –

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CUE – See You Everyday – 2.2.0 APK MOD

― 信じる強さをくれたのは、あなたの声でした。 ―






Next generation voice actor training game “CUE!”
-It was your voice that gave you the strength to believe. –

[Full story full-voice original story! ]
A story of bonds by 16 voice actor eggs, set in a small voice actor office “Ale Blue”.
Support and guide you as a manager while being swayed by unique girls!

[Enjoy short animation! ]
Challenge the recording with a raised voice actor and release short animation!
Opened short anime can change casts when certain conditions are met!

■ □ ■ STORY ■ □ ■
I want to deliver a voice. I want to convey my feelings.
It was a dream too big for us small.
The days when he can’t take a step because hesitates to go beyond.
But it was you who were there.
I want to make my dream come true someday. And I want to tell you.
In order to see the scenery that they do not know yet, their dreams begin to move greatly.

■ □ ■ Voice Appearance ■ □ ■
Rina Uchiyama / Nene Hamada / Yuka Moriya / Rena Ogata
Ayaka Takamura / Yuki Miyahara / Mayu Iizuka / Manatsu Murakami
Yukari Anjo / Ayaka Matsuda / Ai Yamaguchi / Arisa Tsuruno
Nina Tachibana / Aimi Kosuge / Mai Sato / Lio Tsuchiya
Yoko Hikasa / Hiromi Igarashi / Aya Susaki

■ □ ■ Official Information ■ □ ■
[Official Website]
[Official Twitter]

This application uses “CRIWARE (TM)” of CRI, middleware.


Android 5.0+

FPS Commando Secret Mission – Free Shooting Games 4.5 APK MOD

FPS Commando Secret Mission – Free Shooting Games 4.5 APK MOD FPS Commando Secret Mission – Free Shooting Games  –

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FPS Commando Secret Mission – Free Shooting Games 4.5 APK MOD

New FPS Shooting Game

Offline games in Dust Town

• Welcome to the fps army commando mission. You will encounter all terrorists as a specially trained army commando in this fps shooting games 2021. We honorably present real commando secret mission for all fps games lover. The addictive gameplay & modern war weapons in the fps commando shooting game will make exciting your free time. You are a commando soldier of fps secret mission you have to eliminate all terrorists. Free shooting games include a variety of deadly weapons shotguns, knife, grenade, fry-pan pistols & assault rifles of all action games. You are an expert army commando so take charge and come at the front line to complete the real commando shooting mission.👮

Ready. Aim. Fire! for Snow Time

• FPS shooting games offline are front-line strike games. Use your gun shooter skills and destroy all terrorist enemies in free shooting games. FPS commando game is fun of gun strike based on exciting story-line. Real commando shooting 3D game will fulfill your entire shooting craze as free games 2021. Victories are mission in a real commando shooting game, so use fighting skills and complete the impossible mission game. Your terrorist foes are not normal they are also fully trained to fight with any counter-attack special forces. So be ready, you are a special warrior of fps commando secret mission no need to fear about enemies in gun shooting games.💣

Non-stop action in City of Sin

• Real commando shooting 3D game – free games 2021 has many missions for army soldiers to complete them. If you will complete these entire fps commando shooting targets by advance weapons, then you will be a superb fighter of gun shooter games. At each level of success, you will promote to the next level. Play more and earn extra, unlock more powerful guns, survive till end to achieve real victory in action games. Keep track of your health while fighting with terrorists, get health kit and stay alive. Reload your gun timely and get a victory within the time limit to take over the enemies of action games.🔫

Enjoy one of the best free shooting games offline with unlimited battle royale fun. In these FPS shooting games explore the best multiplayer games levels for real shooting arena fun. You’ll find it your favorite Offline action games if you like battlefield gun games. We offer one of the best 3d gun shooting games that is lighter but more exhilarating action game will entertain you with the best gaming arena experience and adrenaline HD graphics.

The gameplay of multiplayer shooting games is very action-packed & thrilling. Do you wish for the most addictive clash squad popular games, so enjoy these shooter games which is Suggested for you. Start your daily mission attacking enemies in this best offline shooting game to increase your player level power in a new beginning. You have a variety of modern war weapons in this battleground shooting game, just start your battle for free on mobile. Let’s come and fight with the terrorist for a 10-minute survival shooter.

Now, what are you waiting for? FPS Commando Secret Mission – Free Shooting Games and taste the real victory.🔥

Key Features

 Offline & Free Shooting Game
 Multiple Modern Weapons
 Realistic 3D Graphics
 Play in Multiple Battlegrounds
 Realistic assassination missions
 A huge range of assault Rifles
 Classic detailed battlegrounds
 Good Quality Sound Effects
 Addictive FPS Game Play of Action Games
 Simple & Smooth Gun Shooting Control
 Interactive & Action-Packed Environment

If you have no wifi, you can also play this offline game, absolutely free.
So this interesting new game of 2021 available on Google Play Store for your android smart phones & tablets.

Rate & review FPS Commando Secret Mission – Free Shooting Games, share with others.😊😊
New update with Multiplayer shooting games mode 🥳

New environments added in multiplayer games mode✌️
Play & Enjoy AI-Based Free PvP shooting games Offline with Team Death Match
Knife, Fry-pan, Grenade Added
New guns added
Dropper Gift added🎁
Added new Unknown Battlegrounds
Added multiple modern guns & war equipment
Improvements in control & thrilling sounds added

Thanks for choosing our game and we are still working on further improvements.😎
Stay connected for more fun playing games



Android 4.4+

Pocong Hunter 2 1.5.2 APK MOD

Pocong Hunter 2 1.5.2 APK MOD Pocong Hunter 2  –

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Pocong Hunter 2 1.5.2 APK MOD

60 years ago, a village was attacked by a ghost mob, the residents were kidnapped, but a child managed to fight them and free the residents.

Now, the ghost hordes are acting up again, all the residents have been kidnapped again. And of course there is another brave boy who is trying to fight the ghosts.

This adventure continues the storyline in the previous Pocong Hunter game with a more interesting storyline and challenges that make your goosebumps.
– add new stage : Castle
– fix bugs



Android 4.1+

Alexey’s Winter: Night Adventure, Episode 1 APK MOD

Alexey’s Winter: Night Adventure, Episode 1 APK MOD Alexey’s Winter: Night Adventure, Episode 1  –

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Alexeys Winter Night Adventure Episode 1 APK MOD

Episode 1

A free point and click adventure game. Escape your daily routine with this beautiful quest with hand drawn art in a snowy cold winter city.
The story mode takes us back to the USSR of the eighties. This retro adventure with typical Soviet setting including cars and appartment blocks.

The quest for a lost key begins. This includes Episode 1 of the game.
Episode 2 and 3 will be available later as a separate app.

* Cool story graphic novel
* Great hand drawn graphics
* Free, funny puzzle game
* Hard to find hidden objects
* Urban theme
* Funny hero
* Mind relaxing, no time limit
* Dark snowy night setting
bug fixes



Android 4.1+

Dungeon: Age of Heroes 1.6.271 APK MOD

Dungeon: Age of Heroes 1.6.266 APK MOD Dungeon: Age of Heroes  –

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Dungeon Age of Heroes 1.6.266 APK MOD

Embark on a dangerous and exciting adventure across the fantastic kingdom of Jatran. Solve his secret!

In the fantasy world of Jatran, the heroes challenged the EVIL itself. Lead a squad of the world’s best heroes and lead them forward to glory!

“The best dungeon game in my opinion. Simple tap and play.”
Chris Manqueros. From Google Play Market reviews.

Make your way through dungeons, forests, cities, crypts and castles facing their sinister inhabitants. Don’t fall into their deadly traps. Make friends with strange characters.

Complete their crazy tasks. Look for treasures, collect unique equipment for your squad, pump your heroes.

o Convenient control designed specifically for mobile devices.
o High replay value – randomly generated dungeons. Each time a new level, new enemies and new items.
o Classic RPG-fantasy heroes – Warrior, Archer, Mage and Rogue. Each with unique abilities and play style.
o Amazing graphics – world, environment, heroes, monsters. Each character is uniquely designed with its own story and soul.
o Development – constantly added content and game updates – levels, heroes, monsters, items. We are constantly working on the game and the quality of the gaming experience
o Community – we take into account all the wishes of the players and, if necessary, release the appropriate updates.

For fans of fantasy, role-playing games, quests, RPG adventures, dungeons, roguelikes, challenging battles and world explorers! and play Dungeon: Age of Heroes now.

The game contains in-game purchases that do not interfere with the progress of the game.
The game contains ads. To disable ads, you can always purchase the corresponding product in the in-game store.



Android 5.0+

Can you escape 3D: Cruise Ship 1.7 APK MOD

Can you escape 3D: Cruise Ship 1.7 APK MOD Can you escape 3D: Cruise Ship  –

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Can you escape 3D Cruise Ship 1.7 APK MOD

The follow up to the very popular game “Can you escape 3D”.
You are on a cruise ship, and need to escape from there. Searching for clues and solving puzzles in this very unique 3D game experience will give you hours of game play.
Can you escape the first room and open the door to explore the cruise ship full of puzzles and things to solve.

Can you escape 3D: Cruise Ship is a game where you explore many different rooms and locations on a cruise ship. Easy controls are implemented to make it easy to navigate through the cruise ship. The game will auto save every step you make, so you do not need to redo anything.

If you like escape games, puzzle games or hidden object games you have something to look forward to.
Good luck 🙂

Supported languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish
Some improvements



Android 4.4+

Walkr Fitness Space Adventure APK MOD

Walkr: Fitness Space Adventure APK MOD Walkr: Fitness Space Adventure  –

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Walkr Fitness Space Adventure APK MOD

Walkr encourages you to walk more while exploring the boundless universe!

-This galaxy adventure game is combined with a pedometer to automatically record daily steps
-Many thanks to the support of 500,000 Walkr players on Android
-Explore an exciting new galaxy and reach your fitness goals

One small step for you, one light year in Walkr! Hop aboard your fantastic Walkr spaceship and start an adventure across the boundless cosmos. On a rocket built by an 11-year-old genius, use your “walking energy” to fuel the ship and discover more than 50 fascinating planets, from Caramel Apple, to Octopus Cavern, Heart of Flames, and more! You’ll encounter delightful lost space creatures throughout the universe who will need your help along the way. It’s the adventure you’ve been waiting for!

Walkr is the second offering in a series of health-conscious games from Fourdesire, creators of Plant Nanny, the reminder app that encourages users to drink more water. Already more than 500,000 Android users are playing Walkr today!

-Build your own galaxy and devise new ways to increase its population
-Explore the ever-expanding, boundless universe
-Undertake missions to help adorable creatures across the galaxy find their homes

-Visit and say hello to your friends’ galaxies
-Connect with your friends and accumulate energy faster
-Explore an epic, join a fleet, and start an adventure with other captains
-Show off your awesome achievements and rewards

・BiBi! Explore – 3 New planets! Enjoy!
・Pointy ears, round eyes, and small fish can. A brand new cute spaceship!



Android 4.4+