Cooking Love – Crazy Chef Restaurant cooking games 1.1.0 APK MOD

Cooking Love – Crazy Chef Restaurant cooking games 1.1.0 APK MOD Cooking Love – Crazy Chef Restaurant cooking games  –

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Cooking Love – Crazy Chef Restaurant cooking games 1.1.0 APK MOD

Screenshot of Cooking Love – Crazy Chef Restaurant cooking games

Cooking Love - Crazy Chef Restaurant cooking games APK MOD Download 1

Transformed into a passionate chef, you will be invited to take part in the cooking adventure. 🍤🥓 To fulfill your dream of becoming a cooking star chef, you have to accept these challenges with Cooking Love. Start your own fever to show off your crazy-cooking, time management and food serving skills! 🍔🍟

🍹 Open 5-star restaurants in many countries: United States, Japan Cuisines, India, China, Mexico and coming soon
🍭 Variety of cultures from North America to South America, from Europe to Asia
🍰 Challenge 500+ frenzy levels and learn unique recipes to cook ton of delicious dishes
🍟 Kick off the magic kitchen by using powerful boosts
🍡 Enjoy addictive gameplay and endless cooking and baking fun!

– Unlock restaurants all around the world as you can
– Cook & serve 300+ yummy food meals
– Upgrade ingredients and cooking kitchenwares
– Try to serve more customers in time and create more combos
– Use booster items to power up your cooking skills.
– Do not burn or waste any food!

📲📲📲 Download now! Time to join in the Cooking Love game! The food city is there to help you write your own diary for cooking love.
Welcome to Cooking Love.
Become to master chef!


Android 4.4+

Time Gap Hidden Object Mystery 5.8.509 APK MOD

Hidden Objects: Twilight Town 3.1.513 APK MOD Hidden Objects: Twilight Town  –

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Hidden Objects Twilight Town 3.1.513 APK MOD

The fate of the Twilight Town uncertain until you stop the villains before they unleash powerful forces that will destroy the mystical city. Are you brave enough to uncover the dark secret of Twilight Town and stop the villains before it’s too late? Get ready to discover the truth in this stunning mix of hidden secrets and mysterious city building games full of twists and turns!

The last in your line, you have been summoned to Twilight Town to become the Judge of the Others. It’s up to you to investigate the mysterious death or your predecessor. Constantine was down on something, but was removed from the board before exposing the culprit. As you look into the entanglement of clues, you soon learn there’s more to this town than meets the eye.
Everyone seems to have double life, and you’d better trust no one playing Hidden Objects: Twilight Town, a mystery adventure quest. The time has come to unravel the web of intrigues, choose your side in the eternal war between vampires and werewolves and protect people from the evil. The Others need their Judge!

Get ready for an incredible adventure in the mystery world. And if you like mystery hidden object games, try Time Gap and Crime City

Find items in pictures as quickly as you can! Move the picture when it is zoomed to find the hidden objects! You can zoom in the picture to find the hidden item easily! Go through all the levels of this magnificent mystery hidden object quest and enjoy the unforgettable adventure where you should search for hidden items and lost objects.

❤ Absolutely Free & Fun for all ages and Genders
❤ Silhouette hidden objects – a challenging level for finding items!
❤ Display your city building strategy skills
❤ Delve up the mystery adventure quest
❤ Explore richly detailed hidden object scenes
❤ Complete 100 magic collections
❤ Fight the evil with might and magic
❤ Run your own detective investigation to track down the villain
❤ Manage goods supply, care about the citizens and improve your reputation
❤ Meet a colorful cast of characters, each in two guises
❤ Solve clever word puzzles
❤ Earn coins in Match 3 mini-game
❤ Win artifacts and cash in a spooky casino

We added 3 in a row, quests and puzzles minigames for your relaxation and distraction from the main storyline . At the “mach 3” levels you will find a lot of puzzles, beautiful animations, and useful bonuses. Move and match 3 things of the same type three in row to burst and win points. Enjoy match-3 puzzle game, it’s cool!

We made this game for hidden and escape games lovers.Thank you for playing our search and find games. You are the best! Don’t forget to rate them! Look for more new challenging adventure games and hidden object full games from our studio! I’m sure if you are looking for item searching games, it’s that you need! Seeker, find all the things and hidden subjects in a picture and share this hidden object adventure with your friends and family members. You may require an Internet connection to take access its social features.

Enjoying Twilight Town? Learn more about the game!


Questions? Contact our tech support at [email protected]
Thank you for kind feedback, dear players! Now your reputation remains while you are not playing! Enjoy new gaming experience in Twilight Town!



Android 5.0+

Eldorado M 1.3.5 APK MOD

Eldorado M 1.2.5 APK MOD Eldorado M  –

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Eldorado M 1.2.5 APK MOD

Anytime, Anywhere…
At last, You can play Eldorado in mobile.

El Dorado is the best defense game with story that Ace friends leave to find lost golden city of legend.
Stage , sky garden and PVP mode.
The best defense game that you’ve never imagined is coming to see you.

# Eldorado Synopsis
El Dorado, known as the golden city in 16th Century,
But no one was able to find the golden city.
Time passed away, and it was lost to people.

While Ace, who woke up from the iceberg,
was talking with his friends,
he mentioned the stories from the elders.
of a golden man inside the ice.

‘Smartie’, a bookworm and archeologist heard of this
and became certain that ‘El Dorado’ must be close to ‘Ace’s’ hometown in ice.
and decides to find the golden city ‘El Dorado’ with his friends.

So.. Their long journey to find the golden city ‘El Dorado’ begins.
Does the golden city ‘El Doraro’ truly exist?
Will they finally find ‘El Dorado‘?


Android 4.4+

Fallout Shelter Online 3.5.1 APK MOD

Fallout Shelter Online 3.5.1 APK MOD Fallout Shelter Online  –

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Fallout Shelter Online 3.5.1 APK MOD

Screenshot of Fallout Shelter Online

Fallout Shelter Online APK MOD Download 1

Set in the award-winning Fallout universe, Fallout Shelter Online is an evolution of the original strategy RPG, with all-new hero teams, gameplay, and PvP.

Fallout Shelter Online puts you in control of a state-of-the-art underground Vault from Vault-Tec Corporation, used to protect the population from total nuclear annihilation. Build a thriving Vault, recruit legendary Fallout heroes, explore the Wasteland, and solve the mystery of the missing Overseer.

Download now and get your Vault started!

Customize Your Vault
Design your vault to be the very picture of Vault Life. Manage dwellers to find their ideal jobs and have them collect resources. Build a thriving and efficient community… underground!

Recruit Legendary Heroes
Recruit legendary heroes from the Fallout universe! Encounter rare and powerful heroes such as Nick Valentine, the famous synthetic private detective, and Preston Garvey, the Commonwealth Minuteman.

Assemble the Perfect Team
Mix and match your squad of heroes to unlock “Bond” effects and earn combat bonuses. Adjust your dwellers’ abilities and equipment wisely to tackle the challenges you’ll face in the Wasteland.

Battle in PvE or PvP
Lead your squad into dungeons to defeat dangerous foes or enter the Combat Zone to challenge other players. Level up your heroes, craft them gear and send them to battle.

【Contact Us】
If you ever run into any problems on your journey through the Wasteland, you can contact us via the following channels:
Official Website:
Email:[email protected]
Bug fixes



Android 4.4+

Imposter – The Spaceship Assassin 1.2 APK MOD

Imposter – The Spaceship Assassin 1.2 APK MOD Imposter – The Spaceship Assassin  –

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Imposter – The Spaceship Assassin 1.2 APK MOD

Screenshot of Imposter – The Spaceship Assassin

Imposter - The Spaceship Assassin APK MOD Download 1

Are you a dark imposter? Test your professional assassin skills and take on the risky challenge of executing all living crewmates in the spaceship.

Impostor Features:
– Incredibly simple and fun gameplay
– Bloody missions that gradually get harder
– Genuine atmosphere of a spaceship nightmare
– Make the most of your speed and appreciate the slow motion of your targets
Bug fixes and performance improvements.



Android 4.1+

The Brave You said give me half of world 1.0.107 APK MOD

The Brave You said give me half of world 1.0.86 APK MOD The Brave You said give me half of world  –

( #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER #tuesdaymotivations #TuesdayThoughts #tuesdayvibe #UniversityChallenge #whatspoppin #WHUAVL #WinWithMissguided #WorldAIDSDay #WorldAIDSDay2020 #WWERaw #カルデア100レベ鯖鑑賞会 #シスター・クレア10連ガチャ #まんが王国お得爆発DAY #レッドブル #투모로우바이투게더 #十万円でできるかな #好きなMS4体晒すと好みが分かる #楽天スーパーSALEでほしいもの #湊あくあ生誕祭2020 #adelaideremandcentre #Afghanistan #AjitPai #ALEATÓRIAS #Alshon #AndreaMitchell #AndrewBogut #Anguissa #Arizona #Bacurau #bambam #Bangtan #Betis #Bette #Billboard #BillWalton   )

The Brave You said give me half of world 1.0.86 APK MOD

“I’ll give you half of the world! Please don’t kill me!” So the Devil Lord said.
Well, obviously, the Devil Lord is the last person you should trust…


“So, you’ve come.” Said the Devil Lord, “Now I’m going to destroy you with my own hands!”

After a few seconds, the Brave had won the duel with his overwhelming power!
However, right before he finished off the Devil Lord, a secret deal was made…

Half a year had past since the duel…

There are no signs of monsters reducing in the world, there are even more sightings than before!

Obviously something had gone wrong. The Brave decided to head out and confront the Devil Lord once again…!


Game Features:

– In order to claim half of the world, you must confront the Devil Lord once more! He is hiding on the top of the Devil Lord Castle, so let’s start climbing!

– Gather companions around the world! Overwhelm the Devil Lord Castle with all kinds of power!

– Ascensions will greatly increase you and your companion’s power! Use ascensions to gain the upper ground against powerful enemies!

– Summons will give you an extra edge during battle! Though they may only last for a short while, their powers sure are overwhelming!
New character
– Kingsguard has joined The Brave!

Monthly quest
– Adds more new monthly questes!

What next:
– Limited time campaign coming soon!



Android 5.1+

Robot Shark Attack: Transform Robot Shark Games 33 APK MOD

Robot Shark Attack: Transform Robot Shark Games 30 APK MOD Robot Shark Attack: Transform Robot Shark Games  –

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Robot Shark Attack Transform Robot Shark Games 30 APK MOD

Experience robot transforming shark attack game where US police robot has to fulfill city rescue duty in super city. Play Robot Shark Attack: Transform Robot Shark Games to become part of transforming robots as eminent robot shark games and fight with the alien mech warriors. Along with other transformation robots, help US police to stop the robot war in robot fighting games. Transform police bike into angry shark robot to take down the robots war and defend super city from alien invasion in warrior shark games. Eliminate the alien war robots with angry shark attack and turn them into dust to stop robots battle mechs in flying police bike games.

Join futuristic robots battle of US police robot shark games having destructive autobots to cause massive destruction in robot fighting games. Flying police shark robot games provides you amazing opportunity to perform super city rescue duty of transforming robot fighting games with angry shark robot or flying US police bike games. Utilize incredible blaze robot transforming ability and transform police bike into robot shark simulator to fight against alien forces in shark transform robot games. Futuristic transform robot bike battle will give you the most thrilling experience of robot fight and transform shark robot games. Prove yourself as an ultimate US police robot hero in shark games and use different strategies & tactics to emerge victorious from final battle of robot wars! Transform flying police bike into angry shark robot game to take down evil alien force in war robot games.

Robot transforming games are now transferred into robot shark games where an incredible shark attack is fighting against evil forces. Rescue crime city with multi robot transformation including robot war games skills of shark simulator games and skills of transforming robots as vigilant police bike in crime city robot war games. Futuristic transform robots battle will give you the most thrilling experience of flying US police robot games and angry shark attack. For the fans of US police flying robot games or angry shark simulator vs evil robots this warrior shark games is highly recommended in robot fighting games.

Robot Shark Attack: Transform Robot Shark Games Features:
Action packed robot fighting game with transform shark simulator
Fight and take out enemy evil robots in transform robot wars
Unlock police robots with incredible transformation & firepower
Robots transforming animations using cutting edge technology
Future robot transform controls for immersive gameplay
Futuristic open world modern city environment to explore

Download Robot Shark Attack: Transform Robot Shark Games now for FREE!


Android 5.0+

Grand Police Robot Speed Hero City Cop Robot Games 31 APK MOD

Grand Police Robot Speed Hero City Cop Robot Games 30 APK MOD Grand Police Robot Speed Hero City Cop Robot Games  –

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Grand Police Robot Speed Hero City Cop Robot Games 30 APK MOD

Screenshot of Grand Police Robot Speed Hero City Cop Robot Games

Grand Police Robot Speed Hero City Cop Robot Games APK MOD Download 1

Speed Rescue Missions
Go with light speed on rescue missions against real gangsters in epic superhero games. Play grand police robot speed hero city cop robot games and get ready for super hero rescue mission. Be a speed robot superhero and go with super speed in grand police superhero games. The attack speed of cop robot hero should be beyond the measurements in rescue simulator and light speed hero games. People trust grand robot superhero against the treacherous gangster mafia for super speed rescue in superhero games. They really think that light speed robot can save them from real gangster with his light speed in super hero games. An enthusiastic speed robot for city rescue is needed as the city survival is in danger because of rival gangs. So, get ready for police robot action as many eyes are waiting for superhero rescue in real speed robot games.

Light Speed Hero Games:
Reap the benefits of robot hero fighting games and get ready to fight like a genuine super speed superhero against menacing gangster mafia in superhero games. You are alone not less than a powerful heroes team so don’t need other super hero fighters with you in police robot games. Here is an epic super hero vs gangster mafia fight going to be start and as a police speed hero play superhero games to solve the problem. Grand robot war is full of immense action and speed robot adventures in super speed hero games. Light robot speed hero can easily fight with city gangster mafia all alone in such super hero fighting games. Control your super hero robot with lightspeed and become a light superhero games. Only light speed superhero can handle the rescue missions started against rival gangs for city survival. The cop robot rescue mission is not limited to police chase only, in superhero games. Do city rescue with light speed games in superhero rescue simulator. Increase your attack speed in light speed hero games to fight the battle between super hero vs gangster mafia with variety of power ups and form a powerful heroes team.

Robot Superhero Fight
Get ready for hero rescue as a super speed robot hero in police robot games. Super hero fighters are ready in powerful superhero fight in cop robot speed hero games. Reveal speed robot adventures in police game and have fun with amazing super hero. Police speed hero robot is a super human designed for superhero games. Cop robot rescue simulator is a great way of city survival in light speed superhero game. The super robot rescue mission is going to take part in city rescue missions of police game.

Grand Police Robot Speed Hero City Cop Robot Games’ Features:
– Number of city rescue missions with rival gangs
– Superhero game also contain light speed robot movement
– Speed robot fight with grand police chase
– Extra ordinary superhero and super speed hero
– Grand robot fighting high quality animations

Download Grand Police Robot Speed Hero City Cop Robot Games now enjoy the best ever speed hero games!!
Gameplay Improvements


Android 5.0+

Flying Dino Transform Robot: Dinosaur Robot Games 14 APK MOD

Flying Dino Transform Robot: Dinosaur Robot Games 14 APK MOD Flying Dino Transform Robot: Dinosaur Robot Games  –

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Flying Dino Transform Robot Dinosaur Robot Games 14 APK MOD

Screenshot of Flying Dino Transform Robot: Dinosaur Robot Games

Flying Dino Transform Robot: Dinosaur Robot Games APK MOD Download 1

Stimulate yourself for dino transform robot fighting games in flying robot bike transforming games. Enjoy flying dinosaur robot transformation games and as a real transforming bike of city attack in flying moto robot games. Control robot transforming in flying robot bike games. Transforming robot war and flying dinosaur battle in bike robot racing dinosaur simulator is a prehistoric prey of the robot transforming games.

Robot dinosaur has become friend of human beings in bike robot games and started helping them in city rescue missions, but some of the black sheep doesn’t like the idea of animal robot transform games. They only want flying dinosaur robot transformation games. It started a moto robot dinosaur battle in dino robot transforming games and flying robot simulator. Start the transforming robot war games and kill the dinosaur hunter in robot bike transformation games. Play Flying Dino Transform Robot: Dinosaur Robot Games for bike transforming robotics like real moto bike transformation games. This t. rex future robot game can cause dinosaur destruction of bike transforming robotics in the moto bike transforming robot war games. Now they have to pay in bike robot games for the wild dinosaur rampage in battle ground transform robot simulator of Dino robot transforming games. This dinosaur simulator is a transforming bike racing in dinosaur robot fighting games. Dinosaur robot transforming in flying dinosaur robot games is compulsory to rescue city from the evils in dino robot games. Flying robot bike transform games along with bike robot transforming will make you crazy for bike transform in shooting robots games.

This dinosaur robot transformation game makes you able to fight with flying robot transform games. So, get ready for dinosaur robot transform in t. rex robot fight and shooting robots games. Take part in city attack and control flying dinosaur rampage in dinosaur robot transform games.

Flying Dino Transform Robot: Dinosaur Robot Games’ features:
– Dinosaur robot transform with air robot games
– Epic challenges in Dino robot transform games
– Robot war with robot simulator
– Amazing flying dinosaur sounds in flying robots transformation games
– Robot transforming games with a flying dinosaur hunter
– Dino robot war in dinosaur games with HD graphics

Download Flying Dino Transform Robot: Dinosaur Robot Games for real dinosaur hunting in bike robot transforming games. Dinosaur robot transform war in t rex dinosaur battle is an amazing way to enjoy bike robot transform games with flying robot simulator.
Gameplay Improvements


Android 5.0+