Crazy Chef: Food Truck Restaurant Cooking Game 1.1.52 APK MOD

Crazy Chef: Food Truck Restaurant Cooking Game 1.1.52 APK MOD Crazy Chef: Food Truck Restaurant Cooking Game  –

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Crazy Chef Food Truck Restaurant Cooking Game 1.1.52 APK MOD

A NEW FREE COOKING games and CHEF games! Feel the COOKING CRAZE🔥 in FAST TAP, COOK 🥣 and SERVE. Enjoy the cooking craze time in the Kitchen with your fingers, and cooking madness in world-wide restaurants, serve dishes like a Crazy Chef!

Fast Cook & Have more FUN in this addictive kitchen game
– TAP, SERVE & COLLECT, Easy to play 😍!
– Get More FUN Dash though the cooking service!
– Play More, Reward More!💰

Upgrade the food and kitchenware in a smart order to pass levels more quickly!
Tap to Cook and Serve the customers fast and time wisely to get more TIPS!
Create Combos to earn more COINS!

Ready to take this challenge?
Come on! Don’t miss the chance to be a top world class chef!
and Start COOKING right now!
Enjoy the Cooking Joy and Time-Management Fun in this fabulous cooking game!

Produced by top cooking games professionals, this Free Kitchen Game does nothing but provides:
– the ⭐Easiest gameplays
– the ⭐Smoothest game operations
– the ⭐Most Fluent game experiences

Plenty of Game Levels makes you be the COOKING MASTER:
– Fry, Bake, Boil, Steam, Simmer and Grill magical ingredients to make worldwide food 🥣🍳
– Mix various and special drinks☕️
– Serve your customers breakfast, lunch, dinner and deserts
– Bake donuts, cook cookies, grill burgers and tasty steaks
– Make coffee☕️cola🍹ice-cream🍦and variety of drinks🍮

– Update in a regular base with new 🍴restaurants🍴, dishes and gameplays
– and updated once, play offline always 🏖️
– Cook anywhere, anytime to promote your cooking skills and serve customers better
100% FREE to reach the top place in the cooking field 🏆

Various Challenges & Targets:
– Serve the customers quickly to reach enough dishes
– Keep the customers happy 😘 and get their likes 👍
– Earn as many coins as you can to upgrade the kitchenware and food
– Unlock more restaurants to learn top class cuisine all over the world
– Complete tasks and achievements 🏆 to get rewards
– Play extra job to earn more coins

Multiple Strategies, Tips and COOKING Skills:
– Manage your serving time ⏰ and order in the rush hour
– Create more combos to get extra bonuses 💰
– Upgrade the kitchenware ✨ and kitchen appliances to produce more and quickly
– Upgrade the ingredients and food 🌭️ to increase your earnings
– Apply the useful 🌟 boosts 🌟 to get help in the hard level

Chef World, Free to Play, More FUN
– 🌟 Get 3 chef stars in every levels to become the chef master🏆
– Promote your skills, better Time Management
– Play the top Cooking games for FREE

Most of cooking games are for girls, but this one is never a girls only game. Boys also can find a lot of fun by this new, free, and addictively interesting cooking game!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions with the game:
[email protected]

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Customers and guests are waiting for the Super Chef in the restaurant!
What are you waiting for? Don’t waste the time!
Come on and 👉DOWNLOAD the game Right Now!🏃

A new version of Crazy Chef is available!
– Easter event is coming! Brand new event gameplay, massive Easter rewards! Come and update now!
– Other optimization and adjustment.


Android 4.4+

Breaker Fun Bricks Ball Crusher Rescue Game 1.2.9 APK MOD

Breaker Fun – Bricks Ball Crusher Rescue Game 1.1.1 APK MOD Breaker Fun – Bricks Ball Crusher Rescue Game  –

( #Nightwear #NoCeilings3 #NoCeilings3 #NotreDame #NUFC #Ocean #OceanBeyond #OneMoreJack #OrderofCanada #oregon #OregonState #O’Toole #Paes #PaisleyPark #Pandya #Pizza #PIZZAFORAYEAR #PLASTICHEARTS #PLTbreaktheinternet #PLTPinkFriday #Poesia10 #Pope #PopeFrancis #prettylittlething #QUACKTWTSELFIEDAY #questionsaskedbyhumans #Rebels #ReEdit #RobertHood #RogersCentre #Rosado #RosarioDawson #Rosehill #RoseLavelle #rudd #rugbyleague #Saints #SalarioRosa #Saoirse #SaturdayMorning #SaturdayThoughts #SAvENG  )

Breaker Fun – Bricks Ball Crusher Rescue Game 1.1.1 APK MOD

Breaker Fun, the FIRST brick breaker game with rescue puzzles. ☄️🆘
Crush and break balls to save the man!

The man is trapped and drowning in the jungle, you need to crush and break all the bricks to help him escape. All you need to do is to break as many bricks and blocks as you can at once to earn gems and pass levels in this fast-paced bricks ball crusher game.

Over 3000 free levels to challenge your ball breaker skills and solve the rescue puzzles. And don’t worry, we have many special balls and surprise boosters to help you overcome obstacles and get you through tough levels.
Just crush and break all the bricks to rescue the poor man!

Game Features:
● Unique Adventure Theme: The FIRST ball crusher game with rescue plots.
● Easy & Relaxing gameplay: smooth control to shoot balls and break bricks
● Free To Play: many bonus gems and power-ups are ready
● No Wi-Fi or cellular data required: break balls anytime and anywhere

How to Play:
● Tap and hold on the screen, move the balls and find the best angle to shoot
● Try to break bricks as many as possible with a single shot
● Use different kinds of boosters to wipe out bricks and obstacles

Contact us with any questions and feedback at [email protected]

Ready to embark on this exciting jungle journey?
the game and start to break and rescue NOW!
– Bug fixes and performance improvements
– Optimized some visual graphics & user interfaces



Android 4.1+

Brick Ball Blast: Free Bricks Ball Crusher Game 2.12.0 APK MOD

Brick Ball Blast: Free Bricks Ball Crusher Game 2.12.0 APK MOD Brick Ball Blast: Free Bricks Ball Crusher Game  –

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Brick Ball Blast Free Bricks Ball Crusher Game 2.12.0 APK MOD

2021 Most creative free puzzle game open to play. In this free game, you will be guided into a never-experienced puzzle world. You need precise aiming and precise shooting. In addition, you also need to solve puzzles. You need to rescue the trapped bears, find the hidden foxes, and the hidden objects of the level goals, and even use rockets to take out obstacles. Now play and enjoy your breaker fun time.

👍 Brick Ball Blast is a very creative 3D bricks vs balls game. In this free bricks ball crusher games, you can crush all the bricks and be a brick ball crusher. Brick Ball Blast is not only a casual game, but also a brain burning game. Crushing all the bricks may not help you pass the levels. You need to focus on the level goal and solve all the puzzles, and crush all the blocks that prevent you from reaching your goal.

👉 Brick Ball Blast Game Features

🚀Real Free Game
Brick Ball Blast is free to , free to play. the game will send free coins and boosters every day. Players can log in and collect free reward immediately. Now play and become the best bricks ball crusher!

🚀Real 3D Game
Though a FREE game, Brick Ball Blast insists on using the highest art quality to bring players the best game experiences. In this brick breaker games, bricks, balls, boosters, coins and the beautiful islands, all are made with 3D technology to present players with the most perfect gaming experience.

🚀 Thousands of Free Levels
Updates every week, these extremely challenging levels are waiting for you to play. You need strategies and careful consideration to pass the levels, solve puzzles, crush bricks, rescue the trapped bears, find the hidden objects, blast the pizzas, slice watermelons, and so on. Different levels give you different wonderful experiences. Come and play this free game, and enjoy your breaker fun time!

🚀 Brain Burning Game
If you just think that this bricks ball crushing game is just to crush all the bricks to pass levels, then you are very wrong. In this free games, you need to find and clear all targets first. Sometimes the targets will be hidden under the ice bricks or haystacks. You must shoot your balls and take them out. And the fox will run away if you do not find it in one shoot, so, think carefully and shoot accurately.

🎈 Tap on the screen with your thumb/finger and slide to aim.
🎈 Shoot the balls to crush any bricks or obstacles of your choice.
🎈 Each brick has a hit-point; it breaks when its hit-point drops to “0”.
🎈 Achieve level goal by solving unique puzzles of each level.
🎈 Game fails if any brick reaches to the bottom.

Any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected]

If you are a fan of ball free games, this will be the BEST one for you!
it and enjoy for FREE NOW!
💪 80 amazing new levels are added for all bricks ball crushers. Update and blast now;
– Optimized user interfaces and visual graphics
– Minor bug fixes and performance improvements



Android 5.0+

Brick Breaker Shooter – Free Ball Smash Brick Game 1.2 APK MOD

Brick Breaker Shooter – Free Ball Smash Brick Game 1.2 APK MOD Brick Breaker Shooter – Free Ball Smash Brick Game  –

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Brick Breaker Shooter – Free Ball Smash Brick Game 1.2 APK MOD

Welcome to Bricks Breaker Free – Smash Block Breaker and Ball Shooter Games 2021

Break the colorful neon bricks with variety of balls. Relaxing and satisfying free bricks games with beautiful neon effects. Blow away your stress! Dozens of colorful balls and epic rebound effects. Bricks breaking was never so much fun. Shoot them bricks quest!

Special power ups now available. Simply tap to shoot the missile. Break complete column of new blocks with missile power up. Crush all records, create high streaks combos and compete with users worldwide. Higher score you have, lower the cooldown for the rocket.

Start the amazing free arcade levels with over 10 balls now. Fantastic option has now been added. You can start blocks shooter with 1/2 of your highest collected balls.

Play this fun brick color game and feel relax. All you need to do is find the best angle and tap. Shoot the balls to hit the bric. As the ball hit on the gem bricks, the bricks will break. Are you the one to break record games.

Master your target skills and imagination as you make decision about the best way to beat this blocks breaker free games. It is not easy to break record game. Destroy block is easy, but free record break is hard to master.

Hit blocks and hit them hard. Make sure to gem break. Collect all balls with the gold and gem that you collect in the breake bricks game. Brickshooter is fun to play game for all ages. Destroy bric and juicy blork to have fun. Well, in short it is a balls vs bricks game. Where you are ball shooter and break the wall of bricks. Colorful neon bricks can stand in your way. No doubt it is a hard bricks game, but with practice and brain, you can beat the galaxy out of bric.

Guide for block brick brain game:
– Use your intelligent brain
– Estimate the rebounds
– Find the best angle
– Tap to shoot the balls
– Hit blocks
– Break color bricks
– Break records
– Get bonus gold and gem
– Earn new free balls

Bricks Puzzle Features:
– Amazing glow colors themed puzzles
– Easy to play, Hard to master
– Smooth control
– Relaxing to play
– Colorful bric
– Free block games for all ages
– Soothing design and leader board
– Brain puzzle offline games
– Starts with 10 balls now instead of 1
– Reduced size
– Performance improvements



Android 4.4+

Bricks n Balls – Blocks Shooter – Hit The Brick 2.14 APK MOD

Bricks n Balls – Blocks Shooter – Hit The Brick 2.14 APK MOD Bricks n Balls – Blocks Shooter – Hit The Brick  –

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Bricks n Balls – Blocks Shooter – Hit The Brick 2.14 APK MOD

Bricks n Balls – an addictive and challenging brick breaker game (old bbtan2). The goal is to achieve the highest score possible by breaking as many bricks as possible in one shot.

About the Bricks n Balls:
This brick breaker is an arcade game where you aim balls, so when they bounce they destroy bricks. The goal is to break as many bricks as possible so as they go down they don’t overwhelm you.

How to play Bricks n Balls?
* Touch the screen and swipe towards the top
* If you want to stop aiming, swipe with your finger below the level you first touched the screen
* If you want to make sure that the line will not move when you release the balls, hold the finger for 4 seconds to freeze the line
* When the aim line is in the place you want, release the finger
* A load of balls will be released – you need to hit the bricks and bounce them off
* The number on the brick means how many times a ball has to hit it to destroy the brick.
* After all the balls feel down, the game is starting the next round. That means you have another load of balls to use and the Bricks n Balls game is generating a new line of bricks to break

Bricks n Balls game 4 kinds of additional items:
– The ball (always) – When you hit it, you will receive an additional ball next round in the brick breaker game
– Power Ups ( sometimes) – Each Power Up in Bricks n Balls has a different ability which will help you break the bricks. Use them wisely because, if even a single ball will touch the Power Up, the Power Up is considered as used and it will disappear in the next round.
– Skull (sometimes) – A “power up” that will eat your balls. It can get you in trouble.
– Stars (sometimes) – hit the brick game currency.

Stars in our bricks and balls are the internal currency. Use them to:
* Undo last shot
* Get additional life & more balls
* Create a checkpoint

How to get Stars in Bricks n Balls?
* Gather stars as they spawn during the Bricks n Balls game
* Watch an ad every 20 minutes to get 20 stars
* Buy them

In this bricks ball crusher game you are awarded a checkpoint when you break all bricks on the screen.You can use a checkpoint after you lose, to continue the Bricks n Balls game from that level.

When you lose Bricks n Balls?
The brick breaker game is lost when bricks touch the bottom. However, you have two additional chances to continue. For the first chance, you have to watch an ad and for the second chance you have to pay with the stars.

When your “lives” are gone, Bricks n Balls allows you to start from the checkpoint instead from the beginning. If you didn’t manage to get one, you can buy one paying with the stars.

Features in Bricks n Balls:
* Unlimited levels
* Challenges
* 10 power ups
* Worldwide rankings
* Saving your progress
* Achievements
Added: Graphical effects.
Fixed: Bugs.



Android 5.0+

Stack Ball Blast through platforms 1.0.92 APK MOD

Stack Ball – Blast through platforms 1.0.87 APK MOD Stack Ball – Blast through platforms  –

( #Nightwear #NoCeilings3 #NoCeilings3 #NotreDame #NUFC #Ocean #OceanBeyond #OneMoreJack #OrderofCanada #oregon #OregonState #O’Toole #Paes #PaisleyPark #Pandya #Pizza #PIZZAFORAYEAR #PLASTICHEARTS #PLTbreaktheinternet #PLTPinkFriday #Poesia10 #Pope #PopeFrancis #prettylittlething #QUACKTWTSELFIEDAY #questionsaskedbyhumans #Rebels #ReEdit #RobertHood #RogersCentre #Rosado #RosarioDawson #Rosehill #RoseLavelle #rudd #rugbyleague #Saints #SalarioRosa #Saoirse #SaturdayMorning #SaturdayThoughts #SAvENG  )

Stack Ball – Blast through platforms 1.0.87 APK MOD

Stack Ball is a 3d arcade game where players smash, bump and bounce through revolving helix platforms to reach the end.
Sound easy? You wish!!
Your ball smashes like a brick through colorful platforms that block its descent, but if you hit a black one, it’s all over! Your ball shatters to pieces and you have to start your fall all over again.
But even black platforms are no match for a fireball falling at full speed! Choose your strategy: speed up like a madman or stop and wait for your next chance to roll and jump. Other ball games wish they were this fun!

Why Stack Ball rules:
– Crazy fast speed
– Fun gameplay
– Bright vibrant graphics
– Simple and easy to play
– Great time killer

Fixes & Improvements!



Android 5.0+

Super Jungle Jump 1.12.5032 APK MOD

Super Jungle Jump 1.12.5032 APK MOD Super Jungle Jump  –

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Super Jungle Jump 1.12.5032 APK MOD

Welcome to the Super Jungle Jump journey. This time, Adventurer will have a magical adventure with his friends! Run all the way, jump, destroy monsters, and find lost ancient treasures!

-New beautiful screen
-4 unique characters
-Rich adventure scenes and monsters
-Explore hidden corners in the level
-New action experience
-New sequel to the Jabber series

Come and experience the joy of adventure in Super Jungle Jump!
Welcome to Super Jungle Jump, hope you have fun in this game. Please let us know in the comments if you have any suggestions, thanks!


Android 5.1+

Busidol Game World 2.0.17 APK MOD

Busidol Game World 2.0.0 APK MOD Busidol Game World  –

(   )

Busidol Game World 2.0.0 APK MOD

The eldorado is the best defense game for TV.
Playing game, take rubies of eldorado through the Eldorado Ruby App.

Don’t hesitate, Just right now!

* This app is closed by the BUSIDOL Company anytime .

? Formal channel
Eldorado Facebook :

Eldorado Youtube:


Android 4.4+

Bike Hop Crazy BMX Bike Jump 3D 1.0.70 APK MOD

Bike Hop: Crazy BMX Bike Jump 3D 1.0.68 APK MOD Bike Hop: Crazy BMX Bike Jump 3D  –

(   )

Bike Hop Crazy BMX Bike Jump 3D 1.0.68 APK MOD

Hop as far as you can go on your bike, then go further! Bike Hop: speed up and jump over hills, cows, motorcycles, carts and more. The further your dude flies, the more points you earn!


– Speed up as fast as you can
– Learn to hop far and fast
– Train your reaction speed
– Beat records
– Tap, tap, tap!

Fixes & Improvements!



Android 5.0+

1945 Air Force Airplane Shooting Games – Free 8.16 APK MOD

1945 Air Force: Airplane Shooting Games – Free 8.09 APK MOD 1945 Air Force: Airplane Shooting Games – Free  –

(   )

1945 Air Force Airplane Shooting Games – Free 8.09 APK MOD

1945 Air Force: Free Airplane Arcade Shooting games – one of the best classic arcade shooting games has come back on mobile. Play now, and you will love it.

Your mission is to lead the battle and become the best space shooter.
Shoot, fight, and don’t leave any enemies and bosses alive!! Are you a survival hero?
It’s time to take action. Are you sure you will survive in World war and defeat Alien Shooter?

– Touch the screen to move your airplane, destroys, and fire all enemies.

– Supply yourself with huge real airplanes WWII collections. You can collect the items, gems to upgrade, merge to create your own super planes.

– Play Offline and Online. We recommend wifi to the game, but you don’t need wifi to play.

– PvP Online shooting games: 1 VS 1, 2 VS 2

– Lucky wheel, daily quest, and free gems every day for you.

– New Shooting challenging arcade game free with many Additional modes from Bombarding, Bosses, Protect, Stealth to Assault. Join the resistance and command this battle like a pro. Take your weapon, strike the enemy army with a hail of bullets, grenades, massive guns. Release the Fury of this War!

– Great visuals: Vertical shooters have never been better. Epic sky wars are full of excitement.

– Free Retro shooting game modernized: This top-down shooter will make you through back to your childhoods when the classic shooting games like Galaga, Gallag, Galaxigan, Space Invader, Space shooter, Gallagher, Galaxy Attack never ages.

– Modern control that brings you fun and addictive combat.
Don’t stop shooting in offline missions with the mobile.

– Take control of the battle and become the best shooter in the most addictive free airplane shooting game.

Don’t let the enemy own the world in the best military shooter game ever!

So what are you waiting for anymore? DOWNLOAD 1945 Air Force – Free shooting airplane games, pick your airplanes, shoot for free, and ready to attack RIGHT NOW! 1945 Air Force: Free Airplane Shooting Games – The best gameplay in the most engaging shooting game ever.

– Lunar New Year event
– New levels
– New boss


Android 5.0+