Magic Tiles 3 8.086.303 APK MOD

Magic Tiles 3 8.011.102 APK MOD Magic Tiles 3  –

(   )

Magic Tiles 3 8.011.102 APK MOD

Play Magic Tiles 3 for free on mobile today!

It is a special game in different genres of piano games and wonderful gameplay.

Rule of the game :
It’s similar to other piano games, just tap the black tiles and avoid the white tiles. That’s all !

Game features:
– Real music feeling when tapping the black tiles
– Many HOT songs with great vocals are frequently updated
– Many genres of music: POP, EDM, classical, country, Latin,..

Do not hesitate to try free piano online! This excellent piano game has more challenges in store for you than you imagine.

Permission: In order to provide the optimal experience, we ask for “Storage” permission when you download this game

Become a real pianist today!

Magic Tiles 3 is from Amanotes, the number one music games publisher in the world, with over one billion downloads. Music lovers can interact with thousand of songs through our different apps. Why just listen to music, if you can also play with it? At Amanotes, we believe that “everyone can music!”.

Are you having any problems? Send email to :[email protected] or contact us in game by going to Settings > FAQ and Support.
Terms of use:
Privacy Policy:
– Game optimization
– Bug fixing

Hope you enjoy the game!



Android 4.4+

Piano Pop Tiles -Classic Piano 1.1.18 APK MOD

Piano Pop Tiles – Classic EDM Piano Games 1.1.6 APK MOD Piano Pop Tiles – Classic EDM Piano Games  –

(  #lalanneabruti #LaMatinale #Landeskog #Landwirtschaft #Langzeitfolgen #Lanz #lapresseplus #LaRussa #Laschet #LateNightBerlin #Laure #LazioTorino #Leicester #LeIene #Leire #Lenglet #LeParisien #Levy #LeyTransEsPatriarcal #Lidingö #Lightning #LindaReynolds #listedes26 #Litauen #Lithuania #Lituania #Lööf #Lorraine #lotsau #LovatoVSelena #LoveIsInTheAir18M #LoveIsland18May #loveonthespectrum #lufc #Lügen )

Piano Pop Tiles – Classic EDM Piano Games 1.1.6 APK MOD

Screenshot of Piano Pop Tiles – Classic EDM Piano Games

Piano Pop Tiles - Classic EDM Piano Games APK MOD Download 1

Do you like playing piano tiles game? Do you like pop music songs? Yes, we are. With Piano Pop tiles, you can play pop songs, classic piano songs like a professional pianist.

✔️ Tap piano tiles
✔️ Don’t miss any tiles
✔️ Challenge Endless Mode
✔️ More perfect more scores

✔️ 6 beautiful themes
✔️ Offline game
✔️ Many pop songs
✔️ Many classic piano songs
✔️ Easy to play
✔️ Add favorites
✔️ Lightweight to install

Piano Pop Tiles is waiting for you!
Play your favorite songs and become a piano master.

🎵 Any problem, please send email to : [email protected]!
-Bug fixed
-Performance improvements


Android 4.1+

アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ スターライトステージ 7.1.6 APK MOD

アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ スターライトステージ 6.7.5 APK MOD アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ スターライトステージ  –

(   )

6.7.5 APK MOD

Screenshot of アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ スターライトステージ

アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ スターライトステージ APK MOD Download 1

「アイドルマスター シンデレラガールズ」のアイドルが活躍する本格リズムゲーム「デレステ」!

『SMART LIVE』では、端末を縦に持って、新しいスタイルのリズムゲームをプレイ!
最大15人のアイドルがパフォーマンスする華やかなLIVEを、ダイナミックなリズムゲームで楽しめる『GRAND LIVE』も登場!










1. Google Play ストアを起動
2. 左上のメニューアイコン⇒ 「定期購入」をタップ
3. 一覧から解約したい定期購入をタップします
4. 「定期購入を解約」 をタップし、画面の指示に従って操作





©2015 BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
A real rhythm game “Deleste” in which the idols of “The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls” play an active role!
Over 200 songs are included! There are more than 180 appearing idols! Make your idol shine with your production!

◆Easy operation rhythm game◆
Build your own unit and enjoy “LIVE”!
In the LIVE scene, Cinderella Girls is now in 3D!
In addition, in 2D mode, “Petit Derella” will make you cute!
In “SMART LIVE”, hold the device vertically and play a new style rhythm game!
“GRAND LIVE”, where you can enjoy a gorgeous LIVE performed by up to 15 idols in a dynamic rhythm game, is now available!

◆Create your own office◆
Arrange a unique interior to create your own “room”!
Over 1,500 room items!
The idol becomes Petit Delera and comes to play!

◆Communicating with idols◆
Producing encounters and growth with idols in “Community”!
Let’s know more about idols in “Story Community” and “Idol Community”!
Furthermore, in “Event Communities” and “Sales Communities,” there are also special stories…?

◆ Train idols ◆
Level up your idol with “lessons”!
Let’s bring out the charm of idols with “Special training” and “Star lesson”!

◆Change clothes with the dress coordination function! ◆
You can freely change the color of compatible costumes with “Dress coordination”!
Make idols more cute!

◆Photo studio and AR studio open! ◆
You can freely operate the camera and shoot idols in “Photo Studio”!
At “AR Studio”, idols appear in everyday scenery!

◆ Make idols more familiar with DeleKone! ◆
Let’s feel closer to idols with “Derecone”, where you can enjoy various Cinderella Girls contents such as “Cinderella Girls Theater Wido” and “Derepo”!

◆Idols and songs will be added one after another◆
Add new idols and songs!

About [Premium Pass]
Premium Pass is a monthly service that allows you to receive the following benefits for “980 yen/month”.
For the first purchase, you can try the “Premium Pass” free for 2 weeks.

◆Payment, period, renewal
The premium pass is valid for one month after purchase.
Please note that the validity period will be automatically renewed for one month if you do not cancel by two days before the expiration date.
If you cancel during the validity period, the pass will be valid until 23:59 on the last day of the validity period.
Please note that this product will not be canceled even if you delete the app.

◆ About cancellation
You can cancel this product by the following procedure.
*For Android
1. Launch Google Play Store
2. Tap the menu icon in the upper left ⇒ Tap “Subscription”
3. Tap the subscription you want to cancel from the list
4. Tap Cancel Subscription and follow the onscreen instructions

・Please note that this service will not be canceled even if you delete the application.
・You can enjoy this service during the validity period even after cancellation.

◆Other notes
This product is not required to use this application.
This service is valid for the game data used at the time of purchase.
Even if you use different game data such as by reinstalling the application, the premium pass will not be valid and you cannot purchase it again.
Even if you purchase a premium pass for the same game ID on multiple OSs, we do not accept cancellations or refunds for duplicate purchases.
There may be a problem in the processing for using this service, so please do not interrupt the application while purchasing (communication) this service.

[Operating environment, other inquiries]

*Please be sure to use this application in the operating environment described in the link above. Even if you use the app in the operating environment, the app may not work properly depending on your usage situation and model-specific factors.

© 2015 BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.


Android 4.1+

Magic Jump EDM Ball Dancing 1.2.8 APK MOD

Rolling Beat: EDM Ball Dance 1.0.1 APK MOD Rolling Beat: EDM Ball Dance  –

( )

Rolling Beat EDM Ball Dance 1.0.1 APK MOD

Screenshot of Rolling Beat: EDM Ball Dance

Rolling Beat: EDM Ball Dance APK MOD Download 1

Move and drag the ball to hit the music cube🎶
Enjoy yourself in this music world✨

【Easy to play】
➤ Different balls can produce different musical feelings.
➤ Hold and Drag the ball to hit the cube.
➤ Avoid missing the cubes!
➤ Be careful not to fall off the path nor run into the obstacle.
➤ Follow the rhythm of addictive challenges.

【Game features】
➤ SIMPLE Game Control Experiences🕹️
➤ Amounts of Songs to Satisfy Different Taste (100+ Songs will be updated)🎶
➤ A Wide Variety of balls for choose 🌄

Try it now! Music lovers will definitely love it!

If any producer or label has an issue with any of the music used in the game, please send email to us and it will be deleted immediately if necessary (this includes the images used).

If you want to know more about our privacy policy, please visit

Contact us:
Are you having problems? Send an email to [email protected]
🌟Regular Optimization
This is a new music game with 30 popular songs up to now.
100+ songs will be updated as soon as possible.
We hope everyone can enjoy himself in this game!


Android 4.4+

Beat Blade Dash Dance 2.6.5 APK MOD

Beat Blade: Dash Dance 2.0.0 APK MOD Beat Blade: Dash Dance  –

( #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER #tuesdaymotivations #TuesdayThoughts #tuesdayvibe #UniversityChallenge #whatspoppin #WHUAVL #WinWithMissguided #WorldAIDSDay #WorldAIDSDay2020 #WWERaw #カルデア100レベ鯖鑑賞会 #シスター・クレア10連ガチャ #まんが王国お得爆発DAY #レッドブル #투모로우바이투게더 #十万円でできるかな #好きなMS4体晒すと好みが分かる #楽天スーパーSALEでほしいもの #湊あくあ生誕祭2020 #adelaideremandcentre #Afghanistan #AjitPai #ALEATÓRIAS #Alshon #AndreaMitchell #AndrewBogut #Anguissa #Arizona #Bacurau #bambam #Bangtan #Betis #Bette #Billboard #BillWalton   )

Beat Blade Dash Dance 2.0.0 APK MOD

Beat Blade is an exciting music runner game that offers stunning neon levels and 2020 hit songs. Simply using one thumb to control the character, you can slash the blocks and dodge the traps, reaching the end of the color road.

Runner + music + rhythm + saber = WOW!🤘🏼

How to play:
SIMPLY choose your favorite song, hold and drag to move your saber character and slash the dot blocks on the beat. Do not Tap! This is not a Tap Tap game.

Key features:
1. Amazing color and lighting design for every road
2. Wide range of popular songs including EDM, Hip Hop, KPOP, Dance, and Piano
3. Satisfying block slashing effects
4. Connect with Facebook account and sync the saved progress across multiple devices
Biggest update ever! Blade Pass is live now!

1.This is a brand new feature! Half of rewards are free to get, including 8 free levels, one awesome weapon and countless coins!

2.Season 1 of Blade Pass rewards includes 19 new levels, 2 badass weapons, tons of coins.

3.Complete daily songs to earn experience and increase your tiers to unlock its rewards.

4.A premium version of the Blade Pass is also available. Player can purchase Boost Blade Pass and unlock ranks directly.



Android 4.4+

Anime Games 🎹 Piano Kimetsu No Demon 2021 8.0.8 APK MOD

New Anime Games 🎹 Piano Kimetsu No Demon 2020 6.0.0 APK MOD New Anime Games 🎹 Piano Kimetsu No Demon 2020  –

( )

New Anime Games Piano Kimetsu No Demon 2020 6.0.0 APK MOD

Screenshot of New Anime Games 🎹 Piano Kimetsu No Demon 2020

New Anime Games 🎹 Piano Kimetsu No Demon 2020 APK MOD Download 1

Let’s Play New Anime Games 🎹 Piano Kimetsu No Demon 2020 for best score to get reach highest score. Training your Focus, your mind and enjoy playing this free cool New Anime Games 🎹 Piano Kimetsu No Demon 2020!! Tap the tile and don’t miss it then win! This New Anime Games 🎹 Piano Kimetsu No Demon 2020 is for adult, teenagers, kids. Everyone can experience cool New Anime Games 🎹 Piano Kimetsu No Demon 2020.

This game is adapted from Tanjiro, Zenitsu. All music become your favorite piano song.

Feature :
✔️ Play New Anime Games 🎹 Piano Kimetsu No Demon 2020 for free and offline
✔️ Highest Number
✔️ Normal Mode of New Anime Games 🎹 Piano Kimetsu No Demon 2020
✔️ Bomb Mode of New Anime Games 🎹 Piano Kimetsu No Demon 2020
✔️ Good New Anime Games 🎹 Piano Kimetsu No Demon 2020 sound and good graphics
✔️ Beautiful Tanjiro, Zenitsu music.
✔️ Simple and easy to play.
✔️ Awesome game design and graphics.
✔️ Amazing gaming experience.
✔️ High quality Tanjiro, Zenitsu music.

Music :
🎶 Tanjiro Kamado’s Song
🎶 Homura
🎶 Gurenge
🎶 From the Edge

Why do you need to download and install New Anime Games 🎹 Piano Kimetsu No Demon 2020 on your Android smartphone or tablet instead of other pianist games, Simple, attractive and high-quality graphics designed especially for this game.
With our advanced Single tap control, Our free addictive piano game is free and it will stay free for life, you can easily make one tap on the black tiles to perform an awesome melody. Super easy!
So there are no hidden fees and no special memberships.

How To Play:
✿ It’s very simple, just tap the different color tiles. That’s all !
✿ Tapping the tiles, and keep tapping
✿ Don’t stop until you get the highest score of piano game
Game Features:

New Anime Games 🎹 Piano Kimetsu No Demon 2020 Game is a small gift for all fans of Tanjiro, Zenitsu. This is an extremely interesting game and you will never be bored. Play New Anime Games 🎹 Piano Kimetsu No Demon 2020 Game and show your friends the highest score you reach. We hope that the New Anime Games 🎹 Piano Kimetsu No Demon 2020 Game will make you happy in your free time.

If you like Tanjiro, Zenitsu, this game is perfect for you to play every day, this New Anime Games 🎹 Piano Kimetsu No Demon 2020 game you can play to fill your free time, equipped with good sound and beautiful graphics make you will love this New Anime Games 🎹 Piano Kimetsu No Demon 2020, piano music games can be played offline and for free. New Anime Games 🎹 Piano Kimetsu No Demon 2020 can make children meltih creativity and make fun, this piano game are very easy for children and adults to play

So, what are you waiting for? Download New Anime Games 🎹 Piano Kimetsu No Demon 2020 now and start playing the best free piano game ever! We are always striving to provide the best user experience for players. We are also looking for your feedback, suggestion or recommendation. Please, feel free to let us hear from you so we can continue to bring you the best experiences and updates.

This app is made by Tanjiro, Zenitsu fans, and it is unofficial. The content in this app is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by any company. All copyright and trademarks are owned by their respective owners. This game just include piano instrumen from public website, this game create for fans and just entertain. If we are in breach of copyright, please let us know and it will be removed as soon as possible. Thank you so much.
Decreasing sum of ads, fixing bug, enchancement performance, please enjoy the new one from New Anime Games 🎹 Piano Kimetsu No Demon 2020



Android 5.0+

KALPA Original Rhythm Game 1.0.78 APK MOD

KALPA – Original Rhythm Game 1.0.34 APK MOD KALPA – Original Rhythm Game  –

( )

KALPA – Original Rhythm Game 1.0.34 APK MOD

Screenshot of KALPA – Original Rhythm Game

KALPA - Original Rhythm Game APK MOD Download 1

Can you hear my voice?

Somewhere in the universe, a desolate star that has lost its light.
A mysterious girl is standing in front of the star tree.
The dead tree glows when the mysterious instruments begin to play beautifully.
The stark stars turn blue.
I ask her a lot of questions out of gratitude, but the only thing that comes back is her name.
I didn’t know anything else.
She was known only as the guardian of stars that roamed the universe and saved the stars.
I didn’t know the rest.
She is called by various names. Kalpa, Savior, Apocalypse…
The instrument she plays is made of light, so we don’t know the shape, but it seems that only she can play it.

Game Features:
– Play the original top-down rhythm game on mobile
The score is obtained by touching the note according to the line of judgment like normal Rhythm game

– 10 songs + IAP, more than 50 songs will be included Rhythm game!
with selected quality songs and illustrations Rhythm game

– 250+ note patterns Rhythm game

– A concert tour with a mysterious girl, Kalpa Rhythm game.
1. New pack : Lynn-Capricorn
▷ Leaf-Alice in Misanthrope
▷ Sera Amagi-VERUM-proximus
▷ Halv-Kaleidosc0pe
▷ Riya-Intruder
▷ Kayuki-OSHIKOME☆HEAVEN’S COOKING (feat. Choko)

2 New content Dark Area is added.

3 Modification and addition of patterns
-ARESI (irreggular)
-End Me (irreggular)
-Psychometry (irreggular)
-Encore (Cosmos)

4 Note Speed changed to be able to set in 0.1 increments.
5 The number of HP reduction in MISS has been reduced.
6 Small bug fix.



Android 5.0+

プロジェクトセカイ カラフルステージ! feat. 初音ミク 1.10.3 APK MOD

プロジェクトセカイ カラフルステージ! feat. 初音ミク 1.5.0 APK MOD プロジェクトセカイ カラフルステージ! feat. 初音ミク  –

(   )

feat. 1.5.0 APK MOD

「ロキ」「シャルル」「Tell Your World」「ハッピーシンセサイザ」などの名曲を3DMV付きで多数収録!
SEGA×Colorful Paletteが贈る、誰でもかんたんに楽しめる新作リズムゲーム。

ロキ(作詞:みきとP 作曲:みきとP)
シャルル(作詞:バルーン 作曲:バルーン)
ワールドイズマイン(作詞:ryo 作曲:ryo)
Tell Your World(作詞:kz(livetune) 作曲:kz(livetune))
乙女解剖(作詞:DECO*27 作曲:DECO*27)
ウミユリ海底譚(作詞:n-buna 作曲:n-buna)
ドラマツルギー(作詞:Eve 作曲:Eve)
千本桜(作詞:黒うさ 作曲:黒うさ)
ECHO(作詞:Crusher P 作曲:Crusher P)
ワールズエンド・ダンスホール(作詞:wowaka 作曲:wowaka)






Android6.0以降、Snapdragon 835相当以上、OpenGL ES 3.0以上、メモリ(RAM)2GB以上の端末



Many famous songs such as “Loki”, “Charles”, “Tell Your World” and “Happy Synthesizer” are recorded with 3DMV!
A new rhythm game that anyone can easily enjoy, presented by SEGA x Colorful Palette.

■■ Many of those famous songs are recorded ■■
Loki (Lyrics: Mikito P, Composition: Mikito P)
Charles (Lyrics: Balloon, Composition: Balloon)
World Is Mine (Lyrics: ryo, Composition: ryo)
Tell Your World (Lyrics: kz (livetune) Composition: kz (livetune))
Maiden dissection (lyrics: DECO * 27, composition: DECO * 27)
Umiyuri Submarine Tan (Lyrics: n-buna, Composition: n-buna)
Dramaturgy (Lyrics: Eve, Composition: Eve)
Senbonzakura (Lyrics: Kurousa, Composition: Kurousa)
ECHO (Lyrics: Crusher P, Composition: Crusher P)
World’s End Dancehall (Lyrics: wowaka, Composition: wowaka)

■■ New function “Virtual Live” ■■
Enjoy live performances in real time with players from all over the country!
Liven up your live performance with your favorite avatar costumes and penlights!

■■ Hatsune Miku and other virtual singers are also available ■■
Let’s enjoy the story that unfolds in the real world and “Sekai” with 6 people, Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Megurine Luka, MEIKO, and KAITO!


[Official Twitter]

【Official site】

[Recommended terminal]
Android 6.0 or later, Snapdragon 835 or higher, OpenGL ES 3.0 or higher, memory (RAM) 2GB or higher

【supported language】
The language of this application is only Japanese. Please note that other languages ​​cannot be selected.


“Live2D” of Live2D Co., Ltd. is used for this application.



Android 5.0+

Beat Fire Edm Gun Music Game 1.1.76 APK MOD

Beat Fire – EDM Music & Gun Sounds  –

( #iscovidracist #JeremyVine #KEEMSTAR #LadyGagaNaGlobo #LARvsTB #letfansin #lgbtatschool #LockdownNAO #McFlyTotalAccess #Michigancertification #MondayMorning #MondayMotivation #mondaythoughts #MondayVibes #MusicMonday #NCT_RESONANCE #NCT2020 #nigella #ÖğretmenlerGünü #OgrtGünündeMüjd60bin #onlyconnect #KatiePorter #Keating #Keith #KenJennings #KIMTAEHYUNG #Laine #Lana #LauraCox #LGBAlliance )

Beat Fire creates a music feast suitable for YOU.

Play it at home to release stress – with 10 million players around the world!

You can find worldwide Epic masterpieces, such as Faded by Alan Walker, Alone by Marshmello … and more popular songs! Enjoy the beautiful melody, relax your soul with this EDM music game!

Try this great time killer now. Let BeatFire make your day!

How to play:
– Tiles fall with EDM music.
– Use your finger to control aiming and smash tiles.
-Try not to miss any tiles to keep the game going.
-Enjoy addictive challenges and EDM beats designed for each song.

Game Features:
– Amounts of songs to satisfy different tastes! Enjoy the DJ and Hop music, relax in epic music!
– Background color change brings you a new experience every plays!
– One-tap control, easy to play.
– 10+ cool Skins and Weapons to choose from.️
Beat Fire – EDM Music with Gun Sounds is easy to play! Simple one-touch gameplay will keep you entertained for hours! Play this EDM music game now!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us anytime at [email protected]
-Change the way to unlock songs. Unlock only once and challenge all modes!
-Optimize graphics for user interface and sound effects, bringing better experience.
-Preview song clip on the main page. Choose the song you like more easily.



Android 4.1+

Dancing Race 2.0.5 APK MOD

Dancing Heels 1.5.1 APK MOD Dancing Heels  –

(   )

Dancing Heels 1.5.1 APK MOD

Want to enjoy music but the old way is too boring? Join us in Dancing Heels, the best music fashion walk game ever!

The first time you can enjoy a high heels walk with music. Only on Dancing Heels!

Collect as many high heels as you can on the wacky runway to become a high heels game queen. Be careful! You will be addicted to this amazing and interesting high heels game. The higher your heels, the more chances you have to get to the podium. It’s time to show up to the crowd who had the best walk-on heels!!

👠 How to play:
Hold and drag to collect as many heels as you can. Think that it’s easy? You wish. The more you cross the levels, the harder the game will be. Walls to jump, rails on the roof where you have to spread your legs and slide – that’s just half of the amazing world which is waiting for you.

👠 Game features:
– Various characters, shoes, high heels
– Trending popular songs in line with the beautiful theme
– Multiple levels of increasing difficulty with their own stories
– High quality and various music genres which suit different music tastes.

Are you ready to join this epic music runway? Download now to see what really happened!
– New HOT songs: death bed, Faded, Playing With Fire.
– Game optimization.


Android 4.4+