Unblock 6.3.81 APK MOD

Unblock 6.3.41 APK MOD UnblockΒ  –

( )

Unblock 6.3.41 APK MOD

Screenshot of Unblock

Unblock APK MOD Download 1

The simplest yet the most exciting unblock puzzle game. This is one of the best block puzzle games on the store. Train your brain with exciting un block puzzle and keep your mood fresh.

This Unblock puzzle has lot of logic that will make you feel on top of your mind with most of logical puzzles designed for everyone.From easy block puzzles to difficult ones there is a new challenge in every level. Unique levels to open up your blocked thoughts with cool variations, one of the best IQ puzzles that you will ever play. Not only to kill time but also to boost up your logic skills.


πŸ‘‰ Unique gameplay with beautiful colors suited for kids & Adults.

πŸ‘‰ Multiple themes Wooden block theme, Car theme and Marble theme and lot more yet to be added.

πŸ‘‰ Wooden Theme : Here the red block will be trapped in between the wooden theme and you have to slide out the red block just like a sliding puzzle.

πŸ‘‰ Car Theme : Unblock, car theme is just like the real world traffic where the car is stuck in traffic and you have to drive it out of the traffic, by sliding the car out. In car theme the block will turn to car, and it’s more fun here.

πŸ‘‰ Hints : Got stuck anywhere in the middle hints are always there to solve the block puzzle.

πŸ‘‰ Easy Transition: Transition from easy to complex level to boost your logic and thinking skills.

πŸ‘‰ Timer Mode : A unique timer mode that will allow you to think faster and solve the puzzle more quickly , here you have to solve the puzzle under the given time to save the puzzle from the exploding bomb.

πŸ‘‰ Progress Tracker: Track your progress , your progress will never be lost the puzzles you have solved will be marked as solved and will be saved you can go and replay any level of the block puzzle anytime.

πŸ‘‰ Play in your language πŸ‡«πŸ‡· πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ , unblock is translated to all major languages so that you can play in your own native language . We are continuously adding more languages to the game to improve your gameplay.


πŸ‘‰ Every puzzle is a board with red block stuck somewhere between the other wooden block, the concept is to solve the sliding puzzle and solve the block puzzle with your logic and thinking skills. There are multiple difficulty levels of puzzles to solve.

πŸ‘‰ The Unblock car πŸš— πŸš— puzzle is another variation of the unblock where the theme is to slide the car out of the traffic that is blocked in the boring traffic. This is more fun too.

So, basically you need to unblock the blocked red block, blocked car and that is how you play this epic free puzzle game.Stay fit and engaged with this relaxing game. Get a direction list using hints. It’s ideal to analyze first to accomplish completion. Game and the simple goals are never repetitive. No need to be desperate if you can’t solve the puzzle. Try to check the hints. Master this game and sleep like a genius.

You’ll never be bored with popular themes like marble and car. Use your favorite blocks and moveit to exit! Use hints whenever stuck at any level! Have Never ending fun with this neverending logic puzzle game!

πŸ‘‰ Flow: The red block is auto block and it fits right in the exit hole.

πŸ‘‰ Note for kids and adults: This game is designed for both kids and adults.
β˜… Bug Fixes
β˜… Performance Improvements



Android 4.1+

Animal Puzzle Games for Kids 3.40 APK MOD

Animal Puzzle Games for Kids 3.36 APK MOD Animal Puzzle Games for Kids  –

(   )

Animal Puzzle Games for Kids 3.36 APK MOD

Screenshot of Animal Puzzle Games for Kids

Animal Puzzle Games for Kids APK MOD Download 1

Do you want to download free games for toddlers with educational and funny animal images? Then Animal Puzzle Games for Kids free App is perfect for you; this is the best free puzzle app for children with domestic and wildlife animals!

* In this puzzle app you can choose sliding puzzle or jigsaw puzzle *

Solve the slide puzzle games as fast as possible and complete all animals in this animal puzzle app for Android. You can play puzzle games with farm animals; like horse, chicken or cow. Or you can play games with wild animals; with jungle animals like tiger and monkey or African animals like lion and elephant. These are puzzles with animal images for kids, educational and funny images that will help children to learn animal names.

This is the best Android game for free where you can choose different size of puzzle pieces to play with; smaller size will result in more pieces and mobile games with high difficulty levels. Play animal puzzles with large number of puzzle pieces if you want to challenge your brain!

If you like to solve logic puzzles and love cute animals, these are the right animal games for you! Play educational games for kids to test your knowledge, learn about animals or just enjoy fun kids games. These are Android games for girls and boys; all kids will have fun playing these learning games!

Most children usually learn the name of domestic animals in their direct surrounding, like cat or dog, in these free puzzles for kids you will also learn names of wildlife and zoo animals. The slide puzzle game is a logic game; these logical thinking puzzles are also perfect brain exercises for kids.

Download Animal Puzzle Games for Kids free Android app, play the best kids puzzles online today on your Android phone or tablet!
– Optimized performance and functionality



Android 4.1+

GeoBoard relaxing puzzle game drawing lines shapes 1.5.9 APK MOD

GeoBoard relaxing puzzle game drawing lines shapes 1.4.0. APK MOD GeoBoard relaxing puzzle game drawing lines shapes  –

(   )

GeoBoard relaxing puzzle game drawing lines shapes 1.4.0. APK MOD

Screenshot of GeoBoard relaxing puzzle game drawing lines shapes

GeoBoard relaxing puzzle game drawing lines shapes APK MOD Download 1

Geoboard is an excellent puzzle game for kids and adults to use geoboard and develop their attention, logic, coordination and mathematical thinking. We were inspired to create this game by physical analogue of the geoboard game that pupils of 1st grade use to learn creativity, colors and mathematical thinking. Geoboard game is half mathematical and half artistic puzzle game. From mathematics you have a coordinates geoboard and sample that your kid needs to repeat by using minimum moves. From art we have a mode where you or your kid should use your imagination and creativity to create picture of the object yourself.

Geoboard is a puzzle with several complexity levels where we have boards (geoboards) that start from 3×3 size to 10×10 size. Every complexity level has a lot of prepared samples that kids need to build using lines and colors. Your kid is growing his creativity and logic starting from simple levels and boards and then going to create objects that are very complicated and have many lines and colors. Game has beautiful graphics with a lot of colors. Kids feel like artists when creating objects by line from predefined graphic samples. Kids feel like mathematicians, designers and logics as well as they create new things by drawing lines and repeating the sample.

Besides predefined samples of object that kids need to build by drawing lines we have mode of operation when kids can create their own things. We have list of predefined tasks that are written as words that name objects for building. Also you can ask your children to build own objects using their imagination and mathematical thinking.

We hope that Geoboard will be very useful puzzle game for your kids that will help to build their mathematical thinking and logic. Geoboard is a proven instrument to teach kids coordinates, logic and creativity. We believe this digital analogue will be even better instrument in our digital time when kids are addicted about devices and games.
Dear users, please install the latest update of GeoBoard! We’ve added the creative mode to GeoFlow and now you can create the levels by yourself! As well, we’ve made changes to the design in settings menu, performed bug fixes and performance improvement! Hope you will enjoy it even more! Looking forward to your feedbacks!



Android 5.0+

Find the differences 750 + levels 6.37 APK MOD

Find the differences 750 + levels 5.11 APK MOD Find the differences 750 + levelsΒ  –

( )

Find the differences 750 levels 5.11 APK MOD

Screenshot of Find the differences 750 + levels

Find the differences 750 + levels APK MOD Download 1

Enjoy amazing pictures and have fun while you try to find the differences between them!
Improve your concentration and observation skills playing Find the differences 750 + levels.

This find the difference game is suitable for children and adults.

β€’ More than 500… even more than 750 levels all unlocked and free!
β€’ Zoom: enlarge images and see objects and find differences better
β€’ Differences are automatically saved
β€’ Portrait and landscape mode: available for tablets and smartphones.
β€’ High Definition (HD) pictures to better spot them.
β€’ Unlimited free hints!
β€’ No time limit: play as long as you want each level.
β€’ Play offline! All levels are included.

This game is completely free and don’t need any extra download.
Be free to spot the differences anywhere you are without an internet connection.

Find the differences 750 + is a free puzzle game also known as Spot the difference where you have to find five differences between two images otherwise identical.

This is a popular observation game like Hidden Object game that won’t let you stop playing!

Are you ready to have fun in this Find the differences game?
Screen tap sensibility improved
Android 11 screen bug fixed.
Average time improved.
Settings data fixed



Android 4.2+

Eye-land: Whats the difference & Spot 5 difference 3.31 APK MOD

Eye-land: Whats the difference & Spot 5 difference 2.51 APK MOD Eye-land: Whats the difference & Spot 5 difference  –

(   )

Eye-land Whats the difference Spot 5 difference 2.51 APK MOD

Screenshot of Eye-land: Whats the difference & Spot 5 difference

Eye-land: Whats the difference & Spot 5 difference APK MOD Download 1

β™₯ Eye-land is a new find the differences online game! Find the differences, compete with friends, win tournaments, train your brain! Exciting quests await you in this puzzle game.
β˜… What happened to the islanders? A disaster hit their home, their houses are destroyed, and the Chief is in despair. Getting to this island is your task! Find 5 differences, develop your logic, train your brain, complete quests and upgrade the island!
β˜… The whole village is in danger: it is covered by horrible lianas; what’s left of the houses is rubble and dust. It’s time to restore the island and save the tribe. Only the smartest people can solve these challenging puzzles! Are you one of them? Go on an adventure to solve the mystery of the island and save its inhabitants!
β˜… A scientist went on an expedition to solve the mystery of the lost island, but he suddenly disappeared. Where is he? It’s another puzzle you have to solve in this exciting adventure game!
You can solve the puzzles online any time, even without Internet or Wi-Fi connection!

βœ”οΈ ideal for fans of games like 5 differences online, 7000+ differences, find the differences, hidden objects;
βœ”οΈ 200+ original levels;
βœ”οΈ more than 100 + exciting quests;
βœ”οΈ 500+ images to find differences for any age and taste;
βœ”οΈ a lot of bonuses and gifts which will help you win;
βœ”οΈ fun, easy and free to play.
βœ”οΈ it’s a game for adults and children of all ages.

This new educational puzzle game will take you to the mysterious jungles of the island! Are you smart and brave? Do you possess enough skills and courage to solve the mystery of the island? How many differences can you spot? Put your skills to a test here! Accept the challenge right now! The adventure starts now!

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Eye-land-Find-the-Differences-101401135013231
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/eyeland_find_differences/

πŸ“© ANY QUESTIONS? Contact our Support on [email protected]

❀️ From the creators of Vega Mix Match 3 and Vega Mix Adventure! πŸ˜‰
New Event in the Game! Save defenseless turtles from wicked poachers and get a generous reward!



Android 5.0+

Hungry Cat Nonogram Purrfect Edition 6.35 APK MOD

Hungry Cat Nonogram Purrfect Edition 6.029 APK MOD Hungry Cat Nonogram Purrfect EditionΒ  –

( )

Hungry Cat Nonogram Purrfect Edition 6.029 APK MOD

Screenshot of Hungry Cat Nonogram Purrfect Edition

Hungry Cat Nonogram Purrfect Edition APK MOD Download 1

Simple rule: complete the grid accordingly with colors and discover the picture that hides beneath. Sounds easy? Not really! Each level is a real brain-teaser in which you will have to use logic and ingeniosity to complete larger paints.
If you like to challenge your mind with Sudoku and Logigrams then this addictive game is definitely for you!

*We had to change the name, but it’s still the best πŸ˜‰

1000+ grids
Large weekly paint every… Tuesday! (contains 9 grids)
Cloud save and cross platform support
Many cats to customize and share with your friends
A weekly updated customization shop

Please contact [email protected] for any issue or feedback, we’d love to hear from you!

Follow @TuesdayQuest on Twitter for the latest development updates, news & tips: http://twitter.com/TuesdayQuest

You can also reach us on Facebook: http://facebook.com/tuesdayquest

Want to know more, get tips and latest news on Hungry Cat Nonogram? Follow us ==> https://www.facebook.com/TuesdayQuest
Any question? First check our FAQ here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dLD7ftr4GYzkfztt3s4qBh7FlYR2i7SkjfgpGcnHh2Q/edit?usp=sharing

What’s new?

More content, more frequently
We can now add directly to your application new paints without having to go through the whole update process. Meaning, sometimes when coming back to the game you’ll see new content to play with whereas you haven’t updated the app. This feature will improve our ability to add new levels more often because it will reduce our development time. Cool meoooow ?

Customize your app
If you regularly play to Hungry Cat Nonogram, we thought you might want to set the game at your own tastes… now you can change the cat and many other accessories, you can even change the whole game colorset to fit your mood. Your cat will appear in the weekly leaderboards.

Cloud Save and Tuesday Leaderboards
Now you can log in any accounts (Facebook, Google Play or Twitter) or even create a Tuesday Quest one. Once connected, your progress is stored on servers and can be played from any devices. Being logged makes you eligible to the Tuesday Paint Leaderboard too, which is updated every week.
Creating an account is facultative! And yes, you still don’t need an internet connection to play!

To celebrate all those brand new features, we’ve added a new type of paint type: Frescoes.

And there’s more!
– Undo function
– Color blind support
– No more ad banners
– Catch Coin gameplay
– Weekly shop
– Cat interaction
– Statistics
– Tuesday Grids description
– Solve connexion pb with Tuesday Quest authenticator
– Bug Fixes



Android 4.4+

Jigsaw Puzzles 2.9.49 APK MOD

Jigsaw Puzzles 2.9.49 APK MOD Jigsaw PuzzlesΒ  –

( )

Jigsaw Puzzles 2.9.49 APK MOD

Screenshot of Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw Puzzles APK MOD Download 1

Jigsaw Puzzles (Yo Jigsaw Puzzle – All In One) is a free jigsaw puzzle game, it is simple, easy to use, suitable for the whole family to play.

Jigsaw Puzzles has many unique game features, game types and modes, as well as a huge selection of jigsaw puzzle themes, all those are designed to provide very enjoyable entertainment for all ages.

β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… FEATURES β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
* Eight puzzle games challenge your brain.
* Three game modes suit for all age.
* Build-in beautiful, high-definition jigsaw puzzles.
* Over 150+ free online web albums.
* Turn your own photo to puzzle.
* Search and play any pictures from internet.
* Numerous options to customize the puzzle.
* Support shape distortion.
* More than 200+ shapes.
* Support puzzle rotation.
* Fun drift bottle puzzle.
* Save picture to your device.
* Set picture as wallpaper.
* Masters and Score leader board.
* You can play online or offline.
* You can play on your Android device, phone or tablet!
* Updates and small-sized game.
* Few permissions required.
* All features are free, no purchases required.

β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… MORE β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…
For iPhone / iPad

For Pc / Mac / Windows:

Search “yodesoft” to get more games!

Please feel free to e-mail us with any bug reports, requests, or questions!
Fixes crash on Android R (SDK 30)



Android 4.1+

Dinosaur Fire Truck – Firefighter simulator games 1.0.1 APK MOD

Dinosaur Fire Truck – Firefighter simulator games 1.0.1 APK MOD Dinosaur Fire Truck – Firefighter simulator gamesΒ  –

( )

Dinosaur Fire Truck – Firefighter simulator games 1.0.1 APK MOD

Screenshot of Dinosaur Fire Truck – Firefighter simulator games

Dinosaur Fire Truck - Firefighter simulator games APK MOD Download 1

The cool fire truck simulator game for kids in 2021! Let’s download it for free!

Kids, the dinosaurs need your help! Jump in your firetruck, control your fire nozzle, and go to the rescue. Dinosaur Firetruck combines fun puzzles, teaching your child about water physics in an entertaining way. Be the hero, save the dinosaurs and earn stars!

Children will head to the forests, mines, countryside, islands, machine factory, and chemical factory with a firetruck and help the dinosaurs! Experience the fun of Flow Physics during the explorations.

You can use the power of water to do more than put out fires. Control the sprinkler to push wooden boxes and clear obstacles from your path. Use the water cannon and the weight of water to operate machinery. Is that gravity in action? Or blast chemicals to destroy the planks that are about to fall in and help the dinosaurs out!

You’ll have to use your thinking caps to solve the puzzles. Some of the fires are hard to reach so the angle of your fire hose is critical; you might even have to shoot the water upwards and let the waterfall down to put out the flame. And sometimes you’ll have to use the collision between the water and other obstacles to change the direction of the water flow to save the dinosaurs in danger.

Now jump into the firetruck and let’s race to the rescue!

β€’ Up to 30 unique levels that bring fun challenges
β€’ Travel to 6 islands with rich game scenes: mine, old forests, pastoral windmill, sunshine islands, machine factory, and chemical factory
β€’ 6 villains’ magical driving tools: Drilling truck, long-legged octopus truck, fiery dragon truck, flame airship, clockwork machine, spider-shaped truck
β€’ Presents the real physical world through an entertaining game
β€’ Game can be played without the Internet
β€’ No third-party advertising

Parents, this game will bring smiles of joy as your child solves the challenges. And you’ll smile too, knowing that they are learning about the world of physics.

About Yateland
Yateland crafts apps with educational values and inspire preschoolers across the globe to learn through play! With each app we make for your children to enjoy, we are guided by our motto: “Apps children love and parents trust.”
Become the brave fire-fighting dinosaur and rescue the villagers in danger! Use your skills to solve physical puzzles!



Android 4.1+

Jigsaw Puzzle Adventures 2021.31 APK MOD

Jigsaw Puzzle Adventures 2021.31 APK MOD Jigsaw Puzzle AdventuresΒ  –

( )

Jigsaw Puzzle Adventures 2021.31 APK MOD

Screenshot of Jigsaw Puzzle Adventures

Jigsaw Puzzle Adventures APK MOD Download 1

Discover the beautiful world of jigsaw puzzles for the whole family. Relax your brain, clear your mind and have lot of fun. Experience hundreds of unique relaxing puzzles each with its own interesting trivia.

Our classic jigsaw puzzle was made with love into a game that will give you countless hours of fun and relaxation. Beautifully drawn pictures, photo episodes and many other will keep you curious about what’s coming next.

Jigsaw Puzzle Adventures will suit everyone, you can choose the puzzles that fits your taste, abilities and free time you have to solve and assemble.

β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† FEATURES β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†
β˜… One of the coolest games for adults, boys, and girls to play daily πŸ™‚
β˜… A wide range of beautiful puzzles with different thematic episodes
β˜… Relaxing music to support the right mood
β˜… New puzzles regularly
β˜… Complete Puzzles and learn interesting thematic facts
β˜… Multiple difficulty levels
β˜… Saves puzzles to finish later
β˜… And much more!

Let the journey begin! 😊
β€’ New FREE episode: World Wonders 🧩
β€’ Various improvements βš™οΈ
β€’ Bug fixes 🐞

Thank you for playing our puzzle game.
Have an awesome idea? Write us an email: [email protected]



4.4 and up

Kids Puzzles Game for Girls & Boys 3.1 APK MOD

Kids Puzzles Game for Girls & Boys 3.1 APK MOD Kids Puzzles Game for Girls & BoysΒ  –

(Β  #Montpellier #MTLvsTOR #Mums #NAMJOON #Navas #Negredo #NEWvBRI #NHLPlayoffs #NickCannon #Nicolas #Niedersachsen #NoChances #Noemie #Norge #Norrbotten #NRLSharksDragons #NRLWarriorsTigers #Nuno #NyamkoSabuni #Nylander #Obono #OGMSI #Olga #olivia #OliviaRodrigo #Omar #OrganizedCrime #Oriali #ottoemezzo #oufc #OURSONG #Overwatch2 #Pablo #PARKJIMIN #Pasapalabra269 #PassCulture #PDXCON #Perry #PeterDutton )

Kids Puzzles Game for Girls Boys 3.1 APK MOD

Screenshot of Kids Puzzles Game for Girls & Boys

Kids Puzzles Game for Girls & Boys APK MOD Download 1

Welcome to Jigsaw land – Kids puzzles game for girls, boys, teens, and adults, a free puzzle app for all ages. Each relaxing puzzle features a beautiful scene drawn by a professional artist. The beautiful images include pictures of unicorns, dragons, dinosaurs, cute animals, fantasy land, princess, mermaids, fairy tales, cars, Christmas, Halloween, space, holidays, farm and many more! Kids especially girls love this super cool puzzle game!

Kids and teenage girls just love to put together all pieces of the kid’s puzzle game to get a colorful picture. Puzzle games for girls will help develop concentration, observation skills, motor skills & logic in this free game for kids. Do you like beautiful puzzles for kids and cool games for girls? This our girl game with lots of princess and unicorns today!

Kids Puzzles for Girls app Categories –
πŸ’– Fantasy – Beautiful Princess puzzles for girls πŸ‘Έ, puzzles with unicorns πŸ¦„, Fairy puzzles, cute girls, fashion puzzles for girls
πŸ’– Underwater – Mermaid puzzles, fishes, sea creature puzzles in these cool games for girls
πŸ’– Kids – Beautiful puzzles for kids with cartoon pictures
πŸ’– Animal – 🐯Cool and cute animal puzzles for girls with kittens, puppies, unicorn puzzles and cute pet pictures
πŸ’– Holiday – Christmas puzzles game for kids with snowman, igloo, Santa Claus
πŸ’– Scary – Halloween puzzles for your little kids and teens
πŸ’– Vehicle – Car puzzle game for boys and girls πŸš—
πŸ’– Space – Sleeping kids puzzles, Astrounats, planets, aliens and more
πŸ’– Love Land – Cute couples, love birds, teddy bears and more jigsaw puzzles
πŸ’– Photo – Take your own selfie or cute pic to create your cool puzzles for girls & boys

Kids Puzzles for Girls games features:
⭐ 11 unique categories of cute Jigsaw puzzles perfect for 5 year old kids to 12 year old teens
⭐ 300+ beautiful cute pics in our kids puzzles for girls
⭐ Use hints to make it simple and easy puzzle game, even the youngest kids can play it
⭐ Kids Puzzles is very easy to use and absolutely FREE!
⭐ Relaxing music while you play kids puzzles game to train your brain
⭐ With 6 tiles, Kids Puzzles 3 and 4 year old enhances creativity
⭐ Our best puzzle game is intended mainly for girls from 5 to 12
⭐ Share your creativity with friends and family on social networks
⭐ Adjust difficulty level with puzzle sizes – 6, 9, 16, 25, 36 in our Girl puzzles for kids
⭐ Click Photo and create your own free kids puzzles
⭐ Play kids puzzle game as many time as your child wants
⭐ Princess puzzles for girls! A lot of puzzles with various princess: beautiful princess, cartoon princess, little princess & others!
⭐ Great educational game and a perfect time killer for teens
⭐ Have fun with this jigsaw puzzle game for kids!
⭐ Kids Puzzles is the best educational game with beautiful and cool puzzles for kids: for boys and girls!
⭐ All pictures in our girls games are very cute and beautiful
⭐ You will find in Kids Puzzles for Girls the coolest puzzles for kids and teens!
⭐ Kids Puzzles for Girls have a beautiful and easy game design and intuitive navigation!

🌟🌟 Download and install our Best girl games on android from GooglePlay! 🌟🌟

If you like this kids game, then please try our other educational and learning games on the playstore
– Now design your own Jigsaw puzzles. Added New Jigsaw builder kit
– Added New Spot It puzzles for girls and boys
– Now 600+ puzzles for kids
– Minor Bug fixes and added a few animations
– Updated real cute animals
– Girl puzzles for kids with more cute pics! Best girl games
– More Kids puzzles for girls!
– Please rate us if you like the game



Android 4.1+