Polyart Coloring by Numbers 3.1 APK MOD

Polyart Coloring by Numbers 3.1 APK MOD Polyart Coloring by Numbers  –

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Polyart Coloring by Numbers 3.1 APK MOD

Screenshot of Polyart Coloring by Numbers

Polyart Coloring by Numbers APK MOD Download 1

💎Welcome to Polyart Coloring by Numbers! 💎

Poly art coloring book by numbers is a stylish polygonal game that will brighten your life and fill it with joy and positiveness. It’s not just an excellent way to pass time, but also an amazing design tool that will help you create poly artworks masterpieces.

💎Discover the new world of Poly art coloring book by numbers💎
• This is a modern polygonal coloring book – perfect for adults! A wonderful poly art images will help you get rid of stress after a hard day, get rid of routine and feel a surge of strength and spring!
• With many original images, you will discover a whole new world of fascinating illustrations, amazing animals and birds, flowers and fairy-tale characters, and many other funny creatures.
• Inside you will find animals, sea animals, nature, cartoons, fashion and more. Everyone will find something to their liking! This means you can explore the colorful collection with your friends.
• This application will open the imagination of anyone who loves to think, create and just have fun and enjoy the process.

💎Features of Polyart Coloring by Numbers💎
• Super relaxing gameplay: there is no time limit, you can relax and enjoy this beautiful game according to your own rhythm
• Trains your concentration and steadiness or just want to color your own way, practice your drawing and painting skills
• Rich collection of poly artworks
• New poly art images constantly
• User-friendly interface
• Relaxing music
• Regular poly art pages updates
• Save and share your poly artworks with family and friends

💎About Polyart Coloring by Numbers💎
• Magic diamond coloring book consists of hours of fun gameplay, constantly updated with new puzzles, with all game levels designed to amaze, inspire and provide you with a fantastic color puzzle experience.
• Poly art pages is a successful educational game for all puzzle lovers: playing and solving numeric patterns challenges your attentiveness, develops numeracy skills, forms creative thinking and improves visual memory.
• No matter what your age is, poly art games free online captivate everyone. Kids like such low poly art games for their simplicity and funny polygonal pictures. Adults – for the opportunity to relieve stress and forget about problems. But free coloring games also develop fine motor skills and attention.

After completing the puzzle, you can download the drawings to the gallery and share them with your friends.

💎Enjoy your journey to the world of Polyart Coloring by Numbers!💎
New version with many upgrades!
Game performance improved, various bugs fixed.
Thanks for playing with us! 👍



Android 4.2+

Kids Puzzles APK MOD

Kids Puzzles APK MOD Kids Puzzles  –

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Kids Puzzles APK MOD

Screenshot of Kids Puzzles

Kids Puzzles APK MOD Download 1

Do you search the best jigsaw puzzles for kids and cute puzzles with colorful and cartoon pictures? Are you looking for an educational game for your child? Then our Kids Puzzles game is perfect for you and your child! Download our puzzle game right now and enjoy!

⭐ Kids Puzzles is the best educational game with beautiful and cool puzzles for kids: for boys and girls!
⭐ Our puzzle game is intended mainly for children from 3 to 10, but is suitable for all from 0 to 100 years old!
⭐ In Kids Puzzles we selected the best puzzles for kids! You will see various types of jigsaw puzzles here: interesting animal puzzle for kids, cool transport puzzles for boys, fairy tale puzzles for kids, cute unicorn puzzles for girls and others!
⭐ You will learn how to use our puzzle game for kids very quickly! Kids Puzzles is very easy to use and absolutely FREE!
⭐ Kids Puzzles game includes beautiful puzzles for all: kids, babies and toddlers for have fun and develop, teens and adults can use it for relax!
⭐Our game will help your child train brain, develop observation skills, motor skills, logic and concentration!

Kids Puzzles includes 3 kids puzzle categories:
🐯 Animal puzzles: wild and domestic animals puzzle, underwater world puzzles and many other puzzles for kids!
🚗 Transport puzzles: various of cars puzzles, the coolest racing car puzzles, cool airplane puzzle, truck puzzle and a lot of other cool transport puzzle for boys.
🦄 Fairy tales puzzles: cute unicorn puzzles, lovely princess puzzles, mermaid puzzles and other fairy puzzles for girls.

Write to us which puzzles you liked the most? Interesting animal puzzle for kids, car puzzle for boys or lovely fairy puzzle for girls? Assemble each puzzle for kids!

The Kids Puzzles is very easy to use:
✔ Download and install Kids Puzzles app from GooglePlay, open Kids Puzzles
✔ Choose a kids puzzle category: animals puzzles for kids, transport puzzles for kids or fairytale puzzles for kids
✔ Then select puzzle from our collection of kids puzzles and click on it
✔ Move pieces of the kids puzzle and put together pieces of kids puzzle. Put together all pieces of the kids puzzle to get a colorful picture.
✔ When child completes the puzzle, Kids Puzzles Game congratulates the child for an excellent job. It pleases the child and supports his interest in learning and playing!
✔ Play kids puzzle game as many time as your child want!
✔ Share pictures with friends and family on social networks.

Features of the Kids Puzzles:
❤ Kids Puzzles is fun and free jigsaw puzzles game and educational game for kids: for boys and girls!
❤ Kids Puzzles is very easy to use and completely FREE!
❤ Kids Puzzles includes lots of kids puzzles for solve jigsaw puzzles for free! More than 90 puzzles kids! All pictures in our Kids Puzzles very cute and beautiful and we hope you and your child will love them!
❤ Kids Puzzles have different sizes of jigsaw puzzles for kids: from 4 to 25 pieces of puzzle!
❤ You and your child can play in Kids Puzzles Game on phone or tablet!
❤ Kids Puzzles have a beautiful and easy game design! Comfortable game controls make it easy to move pieces of the jigsaw puzzle and solve jigsaw puzzles! Intuitive navigation!
❤ Kids Puzzles is the best source of entertainment for all family members!

We are sure you will like our puzzle for kids!

🌟 Try kids puzzle collection in Kids Puzzles absolutely free! Animal puzzle for kids, transport puzzle for boys, unicorn puzzles for kids and princess puzzle for girls are waiting for you!

🌟 Kids Puzzles is perfect app for everyone who loves educational games, kids games for develop concertation, puzzle games for kids and baby puzzles!

⭐Download our app Kids Puzzles right now and let your child train brain & have fun for FREE!⭐
Improved safety of the game: an access to device storage is not needed anymore.



Android 4.1+

Princess Puzzles and Painting 4.2 APK MOD

Princess Puzzles and Painting 4.2 APK MOD Princess Puzzles and Painting  –

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Princess Puzzles and Painting 4.2 APK MOD

Screenshot of Princess Puzzles and Painting

Princess Puzzles and Painting APK MOD Download 1

Puzzles princesses and painting is a free app designed for girls and boys from 2 to 8 years to develop their intelligence and learn to draw and color.

Puzzles are games for children that are used for entertainment and as an instrument to improve creativity, memory and concentration. Edujoy’s princess puzzles contain beautiful drawings and scenarios for kids to improve their visual perception through colorful paintings and pieces of different sizes and shapes.


– Classic Puzzles: In this game mode, children will be able to play easy, medium and more complex puzzles using the classic jigsaw pieces.

– Square puzzles: Children have to slide the pieces, this time with square shapes, until putting all in the correct place.

– Circular Puzzle: This type of puzzle is very original. Children should rotate each of the concentric circles to complete it.

– Incomplete Puzzles: This is the most difficult game mode, since movements are more limited, pieces only can be moved from left to right and from top to bottom.


Do your kids like fairytale princesses? if so, they will love this game! Imagine the dresses, princesses and palaces of fairy tales. A princess coloring game that will help little girls develop their creativity with thousands of colors.


Princesses Puzzles are created so that they can be completed by children of different ages and at different stages of their intellectual development.
Children will be able to play with puzzles of 6, 9, 12, 24, 35 or 48 pieces.


Children can choose between different brush strokes (pen, brush or paint bucket) and different thicknesses to blow their imagination and create magical drawings.


Puzzle games provide many benefits for developing children’s abilities:
– Improve their capacity for observation, analysis, concentration and attention.

– Exercise their visual memory: Kids must remember the initial image of the puzzle to know where to place the pieces later.

– Help to identify and establish relationships between shapes and silhouettes, improving spatial and visual perception.

– Exercise fine motor skills to move the pieces with their fingers.


Thank you very much for learning with Edujoy games. We love creating educational and fun games for kids. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to send us feedback or leave a comment.
Amazing puzzles to play and paint!



Android 4.0.3+